Problems of self-development of personality

Problems of self-development of personality

The path of self-development is very difficult and has no end point.

The Problem Of Ignorance

Ignorance is encouraged so that the people cannot know where the cause of their suffering is. Lion Feuchtwanger. Goya, or the hard way of knowledge

Ignorance is the rejection of any new information or its complete denial without initial study.

Argument :” I and so all know!”So say many people who can be called ignorant, although they consider themselves very “smart” people. Let us remember what Socrates says:”I know that I know nothing.” How come? Some say they know everything, others say nothing.

Ignorance is the cause of suffering

So the first group is people who think that they know everything because of this they fall under the egregore of ignorance. They fill themselves with all sorts of information, stuff themselves with it and, like bags of potatoes, start walking around saying, look, I’m so smart, I know a lot of things.

The whole tragicomedy of life for these people is that they leave no room for something new, they program themselves to the fullness of knowledge. Such people stop in their development.

What for? They’re just as smart already. But the self-development of personality, as well as the development of the whole Universe can not stop. This contradicts the foundations of the entire universe. And it turns out that such people are not exalted over others, but rather behind everyone.

This problem of self-development is very relevant and does not allow many to understand that you can only approach perfection, but not to achieve it. And to do this, you need to constantly empty your vessel of knowledge and fill it with new, more new and necessary knowledge. Which is what Socrates says. To know something, you have to be nothing.

The Problem Of Laziness

Laziness and depression is a signaling system that says that you are not living your life. Vladimir Dovgan

Laziness and depression
laziness as such does not exist.

You’ll believe me if I tell you that laziness itself doesn’t exist. Yeah, it’s just a derivative of your limited desires.

When it is not something to strive for, then the whole internal energy, which is given to you for the fulfillment of life’s mission, just starts to stagnate. Then it all starts to wander and get something like kvass, only we call it laziness.

Therefore, if you do not have your innermost desires and goals, then you will become a lazy person. Can you call yourself lazy? Yes, so often many people say: “something laziness attacked me today.”

And how can she not attack, because there is nothing to do at all. It remains to lie on the couch, watch zomboyaschik and suck a beer to the energy at all on anything was not enough.

From laziness to degradation of the person a finger fall, and many after all do not understand it. Begin to play with this laziness and now imperceptibly as become alcoholics, drug addicts, murderers or just scum of society.

But what to do if you are attacked by laziness. The first option is to do nothing. Life itself will give you a kick, you realized the beauty of this situation.

The second option is to delve into your subconscious to understand what you want. If one can not cope, then try to change their environment and find people with ambitious goals. I think you figured out how to get rid of laziness? Just. It is necessary to beat out the real desires and goals.

Habits Problem

It is easier to give up great goals than small habits. Asecond Kumar

small and bad habits
Our habit

Our habits are some kind of repetitive actions. Habits are good, and there are harmful, which destroy us physically, emotionally and mentally.

As a rule, only bad habits enter our lives when we live completely unconsciously. Alcoholism and Smoking – the most Intrusive. One has only to try, as here we have a new bad habit.

And they appear on the same occasion as laziness, when there are no desires, aspirations, when you just stand in one place and do not want to move somewhere. You’re just being sucked into the hydrogen by another addiction.

And then suddenly, a person realizes that he wants to change something in life. First, he, of course, will need to learn about the goals of self-development, and then, in order not to slip and change faster, get rid of old unnecessary habits and build those that will help him on the path of self-development.

At first it will be very difficult. But as soon as you change one of your habits, the second, then for you this process will not look more difficult than to turn on the TV with the remote control.

So, by changing your habits, you change your life.

The Problem Of Doubt

Started will surely end up with doubts; but he who begins his journey in doubt, finish it in confidence. Francis Bacon.

doubt is a lack of information
a bad habit-to doubt everything

All new knowledge we question and it is correct. After all, we meet with something unknown, new. But many and stop at the level of Doubt. May even addiction – to question everything.

This problem of self-development makes a person stand in one place and barely breathe. “I know the formula for success!”- the Desire rejoices, but Doubt skeptically says: “Where is the guarantee that this formula works?”Well, how long will you doubt? Let’s just check it out.

People who have long been engaged in self-development know that doubt steals only time and does not give any advantages. Launch their doubt in their desires, goals, actions – it’s like that to grow cancer cells in a healthy organism.

Never allow doubt to take precedence over desires. Many people concentrate on something negative and get it. The basis of doubts and in his thoughts of the desired result back. Understand that doubt is just a lack of information. Just get it and the doubt will be dispelled.

So learn more and check everything in practice and then you will not have any doubts.

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