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Profit increase system. 7 Ways Business Systems “Directly” Increase Profit!

I am an advanced Instagram user and, by virtue of my work, I have quite a few subscribers. And you know what my favorite category of people is? Slimming girls, namely their photos of breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

In no case am I making fun of anyone, they just amuse me with the ways of losing weight. They remind me of a game of tennis — throwing a ball from one side to the other.

That girl heard that if yogurt contains a low percentage of fat, you can drink it in liters, then she heard that you can eat only vegetables and eat only them, completely forgetting that a person also needs animal proteins.

The Maximum Profit System (MPS)
Simplify your business activities


These girls remind me of a business owner who doesn’t have a clear system for increasing profits and he is simply running from side to side.

Then they heard that the landing page works well, they order it and immediately expect great results, although it takes time to test their traffic and the site itself.

Then they see that profits are falling and set the task for their employees to hold some kind of action.

And the fact that for a successful campaign there is no collected customer base. Although it should be clear. that the customer base is one of the most important things for any successful sale or promotion.

Or in general there is no painted commodity strategy and tactics. Not thought out promotional materials. They do not think about all this and, as a conclusion, the action failed.

Naturally, all these throwings are not from a good life, but from the lack of a clear system for increasing profits, and in principle the system itself (marketing, a clear plan of action, and work with clients).

Let’s then figure out what will help you build a system to increase profits, so that your throwing does not resemble single attempts to raise profits, but help build a clear sequence of actions.

increase profit margins
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1. Understanding the sales process

First of all, you need to understand the sales that are made in your company. And it does not even matter what your business services, retail or brand.

It doesn’t matter how long you own a company. Participate in sales, make a few cold calls, send a commercial offer, participate in negotiations, feel the satisfaction of signing a contract with a client as a sales person.

2. Creating a sales funnel

Create a sales funnel tailored specifically for your business. Thanks to the knowledge gained in the first stage, you can create and describe in detail all the stages.

3. The processing of objections

At the third stage, you need to write out all the objections that the client has at each stage of the funnel and work out in the order of their occurrence. The fact that it should be all in writing and with detailed explanations, I do not even mention.

4. Cost analysis

In the fourth stage, you need to analyze all those costs, promotional materials, past promotions that you have and were. It is natural to analyze competitors (what they use and how to attract customers).

5. Creating tools for business

Important! Based on points 1, 2, 3, 4, you must create a system that will transfer the client from one funnel stage to another. That is, if the client receives a commercial offer, it should be completed with a step that translates it, for example, to making a purchase.

6. System implementation

The sixth stage is the most difficult – the implementation of this structure, or, I am not afraid of this expression, a clear system for increasing profits in life.

Naturally, this stage includes running in the system, training, increasing the level of knowledge and experience. Adjustment of the system based on feedback (positive or more often negative) and the creation of a working system.

7. System operation check

And the seventh stage. Probably the easiest. Check the operation of this system 1-2 times a year. The so-called audit, removing unnecessary tools or adding necessary due to market trends. However, this is much simpler, since the system itself is already up and running.


As it turns out, a clear system for increasing profits is easy! In theory. In fact, you have to learn a lot in order to beat the competition. However, in my opinion, having a system of increasing profits is much better than rushing from side to side in the desire to instantly increase the profit from a one-time action.

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