Is it good to promote on Instagram?


Promotion Instagram account for free and through the services. I have long wanted to write torittu about promoting Instagram account (business and personal).

To instead of explaining what it is, and how to attract customers, just throw off the link to the article. And this will convey to the client all the usefulness in detail and at the same time save my time.

Therefore, in this article there will be information about Instagram itself, why It should be used (that is, stereotypes that people only have fun there).

On how to promote (white, gray and even black) and of course tips on how to organize the promotion of your brand (company, services or yourself) in Instagram.


If you do not know anything about business promotion in social networks, I recommend you to study this article first. there is a lot of useful information

Studied? Well, your business, even if deceived…

Instagram is the fastest growing, youngest and most involved social network. But everything in order.

Let’s first dive into a boring story that will amaze you with its scale. Methods of promotion in detail, too, will be, so take your time.

Instagram began its existence in March 2010 (or rather its creators Michael Krieger and Kevin Systrom received the first major investment in the development of this project in the amount of $500 000.

The project itself would be launched in October 2010 in the American AppStore.

By the way, initially the Instagram application was developed only for IOS and this is the right strategy when you develop a project, launch it on the market and if it “went” you finish it, and release it for other platforms.

Two years later, the application buys Facebook for $ 1 billion. All would such growth in two years.

Growth and Instagram audience

To make you understand what a promising application and appreciate its tremendous growth not only in money, here is the dynamics of how to increase the fans of this application:

  • April 2012, 30 million users;
  • February 2013, 100 million users;
  • March 2014, 200 million users;
  • Dec 2014 — 300 million users;
  • September 2015 — 400 million users;
  • July 2016, and 500 million users.

Well, I think based on the figures you can see that the growth rate in this social network is simply cosmic. No wonder it has the title of the fastest growing network.

But about the most involved says that of the 500 million registered users every day in the application comes more than 300 million people, that is more than 60%.

And if you compare this social network with others, such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. That Instagram post involves 7 times more users than other social networks mentioned earlier.

Well, now about the youngest audience. According to Instagram research 63% of users are people from 18 to 34 years old, 75.7% of them are women, the rest are men.


Phew! The theory turned out not quite boring as it seems to me. I’m sure now you understand that Instagram is a great place to promote your brand.

Now let’s talk about ways to promote Instagram both free and paid. Moreover, both manually and through the services.

In short, it will look like this:

White ways:

  • Advertising;
  • Targeted advertising;
  • Purchase of advertising in other pages/groups;
  • Opinion leaders ‘ posts;
  • Contests, drawings (giveaway);
  • Mutual (sfs);
  • Flash mobs.

Gray ways

  • Misspelling;
  • Misliking.

Black ways

  • Mass comment;
  • Buying offers.

And now let’s look at each method in more detail, so to speak to the bones and cartilage.

1. Targeted advertising

Since Instagram is a Facebook, as It is one company, as we learned earlier, the setting is done within a single advertising Cabinet.

Moreover, the setting is made, one to one, as if you were setting up ads for Facebook. The difference, we can say, is only that you need to tick “show in Instagram”.



  • Not the cheapest cost per click / subscriber;
  • Statistics can be seen, but not all (you can not see subscribers);
  • In order for a user to see targeted ads, his Instagram profile must be linked to a Facebook page. Which significantly reduces the number of potential users.

Life hack! If you will configure targeted advertising, it is highly recommended to do it through convenient services replenishment advertising networks.

The first-the passage of moderation at times faster and easier. The second-a good bonus when replenishing the advertising budget.

2. Purchase of advertising in other pages/groups

This is probably one of the most popular ways of promotion in Instagram after misspelling (about him below) and advertising. It looks like this.

That is, you place in any large public advertisement with a link to your account, of course, after agreeing with this page.


  • A fairly inexpensive way of advertising (especially recently, because the prices of advertising in groups have fallen);
  • Great coverage.


  • It’s hard to choose where your target customers are;
  • Few urban communities;
  • It is difficult to see how the live page;
  • It’s hard to keep track of ads;
  • Can you cheat subscribers (authors of public) that you liked and you ordered from them again.

In fact, I would recommend this promotion only for those companies that have a fairly wide target audience and it does not matter the geographical location of buyers.

And from the services I can advise LYFE Marketing. This is the largest exchange for buying posts in other people’s communities / groups. And the most proven.

3. Opinion leaders ‘ posts

What is it? In short, you pay people with promoted accounts to recommend your product or service to your subscribers.


  • A large number of promoted accounts;
  • People trust opinion leaders;
  • With the right approach, it can be perceived not as advertising, but as a recommendation, which will significantly increase its effectiveness.


  • It is difficult to calculate accounts with your target audience;
  • Quite expensive (the cost of posts from Top bloggers reaches 7000 dollars);
  • It is difficult to track statistics;
  • There is no insurance against fraud (that will place that subscribers are not wound).

4. Contests, drawings (giveaway)

Quite simply and effective way to obtain subscribers quickly-offer them for certain actions what the prize.

Make a repost, mark friends on the photo and so on. Contests are one of the most effective ways to promote your account on the social network Instagram.


  • With a good prize competition can get very viral.


  • If you have few subscribers, it is simply pointless to run the contest. It is better to strengthen it by buying advertising posts;
  • Instagram has more complicated mechanics of holding contests and that’s why some people just don’t participate in them;
  • Can come alone freeloaders, which not will buy. Accordingly, after the contest they will unsubscribe from your page.

5. Mutual (sfs)

Actually vzaemodia he is vzaemodia. You PR people, they in return PR you for free. If you want to do this on the machine, it is highly recommended to use special services.


  • Completely free;
  • If the right approach, this type of advertising can pass for native advertising.


  • More suitable for personal accounts;
  • There is a chance to lose your subscribers from this method of promotion (they just do not like it).

6. Flash mobs

It is necessary for Instagram users to have fun somehow? That was invented a special feature-flash mobs.

What’s the point? You place a photo according to certain criteria and specify either a special hashtag or specify the one who started it all.

Flash mobs and posts with the necessary hashtag are quickly gaining almost half a million participants! The virus that is called rolls over, so I advise you to use.


  • Completely free;
  • Involvement in some big involvement is popular.


  • If someone such a post and attract, it will be a small number of new subscribers.

7. Misspelling

As for me personally, I believe that this is the most inexpensive and effective way to promote on Instagram (and all subsequent to this list are included).
Although, a year ago, he gave ten times stronger result than now, but still.

What’s the point? In short, with the help of a special program/service or even manually you subscribe to people according to the criteria you need.

People see your activity and in response to these actions, these people come to look at your page and if they are interested in your product, service, brand, personality they subscribe to you.

It is moving through misspelling.


  • The cheapest way to promote;
  • You can set the subscription criteria (if you do it through the program);
  • Quite a large limit per day (1 000 subscriptions + 2 000 likes).


  • Need training. Immediately run right misspelling quite difficult;
  • There are fears of freezing and even blocking your account, especially if you have recently created it;
  • You need to use a special application or software;
  • You need to pre-select and filter the database which will be misspelling;
  • Recently, Instagram is increasingly tightening the screws for this method of promotion.

The main advantage of this approach will give an example. One of my friends, who is engaged in repair of cell phones, decided to promote their services hand massalongo.

Put for this purpose the person who subscribed to people according to certain criteria. Literally in 2 months it was provided with orders for a month ahead and already opens the third point.

Approximately 60% of new customers were from Instagram. But again this is more nonsense than the popular practice

8. Asslicking

In principle, the same as massfollowing. The main difference – instead of signing you put likes on several photos of people in a row.

Accordingly, people are interested in such an active “passer-by” and go to the profile. The pros and cons are the same as in mastallone.

Universal combination asslicking and misspelling a 2+1 person (2 Laika and one subscription).

If you need maximum coverage, the individual misspelling and private Misliking (i.e., to commit these actions should separately and by different people).

9. Mass comment

In General, this method relates to the gray methods of promotion, but personally, I’m putting him in the black methods of promotion. It consists in the fact that you leave under the posts of ordinary people or celebrities, people raspiarennyh comments with appeals.


  • Is done with the help of the program/application.


  • Account from which such comments are left may be blocked;
  • One account is not enough, so there should be many;
  • Not suitable for the promotion of a serious company, as dramatically reduces the reputation of the brand.

A small digression, that hurt this animation is the topic. Because everything that is connected with the masses (following/liking/commenting) just looks like this.
Especially if it makes the service around the clock and seven days a week.

promoting Instagram account
promoting Instagram account macsomething

10. Buying offers

This is literally buying not real subscribers, which is easy to get by typing in the search engine “promote page in Instagram”. You will be assured that it is real people, even the fact that it is your potential customers.

But don’t make mistakes. Don’t believe it! Do you HEAR??? The fate of the villain, will say “Try”, but You in any case do not agree.

Since there are no live and target subscribers, which can be purchased at a fixed price. It’s a hoax, for which we want to obtain easy money with you.


  • Give weight to the new account, respectively, with a large number of subscribers, people will be more willing to subscribe to it;


  • For a sharp cheat subscribers in this way can block your account;
  • With time their number can be reduced (Instagram periodically conducts sweep against bots);
  • They are not active (do not comment and do not even like).

The only thing that is good in buying offers/likes / comments is that you can bring the post to the TOP, especially if you run this service in 5-10 minutes after the release of your publication.


As they say, the sweetest in the end — pieces or parts, see for yourself how it will be called. Global explosion will not give, but a decent increase in subscribers and their involvement will increase.

  1. Your account name should include the name of your brand or company to make it easier to find;
  2. Be sure to use cross-posting (automatically add a post published in Instagram to all other social networks);
  3. Use hashtags in your publications,the same words with#. To get additional likes and followers. Or you can use them to create navigation for your customers.
  4. By the way, in the post they can be used no more than 30 (if you are a little 30 hashtags, you can also write them in the first comment, immediately after publication. Will also be taken into account in the search);

Pause… Breathe… Continue…

  1. Don’t forget to mention the brand name in the published hashtags;
    Put on your photos geolocation (your city, popular places in the city).
  2. So customers can immediately see Your address, and You will glow in the search for ” geographical location»;
  3. Be sure to comment and like photos of your subscribers. Especially those who mentioned your brand (for example were in your cafe or beauty salon);
  4. Shoot and post videos. Now in Instagram you can post videos duration of 1 minute. And users quite actively going through them now;
  5. Actively use Stories. This is a live broadcast of what is happening now (in the form of a photo or video), and which disappears forever from your page after 24 hours.

Accurate statistics on this tool are not yet available. But here’s a simple example. On the first day of the release of Instagram stories Nike scored 800 thousand views. Although before these videos have not gained 70 thousand views.

Important! The main thing do not forget to track the Analytics of your Instagram account. And then it turns out that you spin it completely wrong.


My head’s spinning. And you? Sometimes before writing the article, I think that there write, high page will. And when I start, I see how everything is written, written and written. And the most interesting is not all.

I’m going to promote Instagram account to write a separate article about misspelling and asslicking with specific programs, filters, and actions. In order to cover the topic thoroughly.

But this then, now start to implement at least in such a form, which is understood. It’s better than doing nothing. And we’re here, trying. And you’re not doing anything.

Life hack. I also recommend the Viraleze Scheduler SAAS software, which will help you to host all your customer accounts and your own accounts.

System Viraleze allows you to monetize Instagram, like no
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