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Leg room was pretty tight, especially considering I had to stuff my second bag and boots under the seat in front of me because the overhead lockers were completely full.

leg room economy ba.JPG

Alison Millington / Insider

Economy passengers were given a blanket…

economy blanket ba.JPG

Alison Millington / Insider

…and an envelope containing a pair of free headphones, though the airline asks you to leave a donation to its “Flying Start” charity.

headphone packet economy ba.JPG

Alison Millington / Insider

The headphones didn’t seem to fit the entertainment system properly for me, and I had to keep swiveling the cord to be able to hear my movie.

headphones economy ba.JPG

Alison Millington / Insider

Thankfully, there was a USB plug where I was able to charge my phone, as well as a remote to operate the TV with (though it was also touch screen.)

economy screen ba.JPG

Alison Millington / Insider

The movie selection was pretty decent, with a few good new releases I hadn’t yet had a chance to see.

movie selection economy ba.JPG

Alison Millington / Insider

I opted for “Aladdin,” which was distinctly average.

aladdin ba flight economy.JPG

Alison Millington / Insider

Pretty soon it was mealtime — at least for me. I normally order a low calorie meal whenever an airline has the option, because it tends to mean more fresh fruit and vegetables instead of weird, sugary puddings and cakes. It also means getting served before everyone else, which I’m a big fan of.

low calorie meal ba economy.JPG

Alison Millington / Insider

The main dish — pasta with chicken and broccoli — left a whole lot to be desired, though the fruit bowl was nice.

low calorie meal ba economy closeup.JPG

Alison Millington / Insider

It wasn’t great, but I was still impressed by the flight overall.

inside panini

Alison Millington / Insider

Ultimately, £125 ($163) felt like a small price to pay for a second checked bag, a wider, more comfortable seat, loads of leg room, and better food, and I plan to fly premium next time I travel with BA.

While the upgrade can cost a lot more on some routes, be sure to check what’s available next time you book a flight — if you can go premium for less than $200 (especially in the front row where you’re uninterrupted), it’s definitely worth it.

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