7 simple rules to live by for a successful life

The secret to success

If you look at all the successful people, you can see that in many ways they have some similarity.

7 simple rules to live by for a successful life

They have the same worldview, lifestyle, they set goals and achieve them through diligence.

Therefore, in achieving success, we can distinguish some rules that allow it to be achieved. Let’s call them ” the rules of a successful person.

Applying them in practice, you will be able to achieve success in any you are interested in the field of life, attaching to it the perseverance, diligence, strength of will and faith in your success.

The basic rules of a successful People

Take responsibility for your life

I can say with confidence that at present people do not understand the responsibility for their lives. We can even say that now a new disease has developed – irresponsibility.

This is the scourge of modern society, when a person accuses reality, some fate or other people of his troubles. To understand that everything depends on you is very difficult, and also very scary!

Yes, how successful you are, free, healthy depends on you. Success is not given to someone just like that, it is achieved. And this is done through an understanding of responsibility for themselves and their personal growth.

Understand that your life is built only by you and how you will be successful also depends on you.

Decide what you want from life

The whole problem of people who live an ordinary “gray” life is that they do not know what they want from it. 80%, like a zombie, doing the same program “education-work-pension”.

Because they were programmed to make it easier to control. In the lives of such people, there is simply the vector of the direction of movement. How can you succeed if you don’t know where to go?

And if you realize that, you have to get out of it. And the sooner, the better. First of all, you need to ask yourself in General, “What do I want from life?”.

In the brain immediately climb concepts such as a big house, beautiful car, cool business, girlfriend.

Yes, that’s right, but if you ask yourself more deeply, here our inner voice will say that I’m looking for true human values. Such as health, freedom, love, wisdom.

And in total it gives to the person harmony and happiness. This rule of a successful person will give you a direction in which you will move on.

The mistake of many unsuccessful people that all life they go to work for the uncle. And are engaged in work which at all to them not to liking.

This can be compared to a bird sitting in a cage, which can not break free and enjoy all the pleasures of life.

All successful people are engaged only in what brings them the most pleasure – it’s a favorite thing. They do it because they just love to do it and that’s all. But over time, it can bring money, and freedom, and recognition, and love…

Thanks beloved can you cameralists, samosovershenstvovaniya themselves and become self-sufficient. When a person has a favorite thing, it opens up new horizons, it fills our lives with some meaning.

Someone who likes to do web design, someone who likes to sing, and someone is building large skyscrapers. Everyone should do what he likes, what he is drawn to, what he can give his time and energy.

It is through a favorite thing you can learn your purpose in this life. Through this we give love and serve others. Finding your favorite business should be your # 1 goal. Ask yourself: “What do I like to do?”. And forward to success

Set goals

big goals
All successful people set goals

All successful people set goals. Commitment is a great feature of a person who wants to succeed in something.

Be sure to do this, do yourself a goals diary where you write all your small and big goals. The goal should be not only in fact, but in every step that leads you to success.

All goals and objectives must be correctly set, and have some time frame. It is clear that life is unpredictable thing, but in a state of uncertainty is not necessary to live.

If something goes wrong, you can always adjust the goal. Goals should be set above their capabilities. To make you constantly work and self-develop. To work out the rules of a successful person, learn how to set a goal with the help of technology.

Believe in your success and move

Without faith in your success, you won’t succeed. The road of success is very thorny and sometimes puts a person in such conditions that you just want to cry and throw everything to hell.

The road of success
Universe – the law of Faith

Many beginners go the distance in advance. Why? Yes, because they do not know one of the spiritual laws of the Universe – the law of Faith.

This is a kind of our sense of confidence in what has not yet happened in life. Our bright future, which we want to build, must be built on faith

About the first 5 rules I can say that these are the basic rules of a successful person. They are universal and will always help you.

Without them, you can’t do anything. There are also additional ones that will speed up your process of success. Here they are…

Additional rules of a Successful People


Success and sport are two things that help each other. It’s your health and your energy. And without high-quality gasoline, no rocket will fly into space. The more energy you have, the faster you’re going to think and do for the day, month, year, etc..

your health
There are no unhealthy unsuccessful people

There are no unhealthy unsuccessful people. At a minimum, you should start doing morning exercises in the morning, do push-UPS on the floor and climb up regularly on the horizontal bar, which you hang at home.

As a maximum, to go to the gym and go there regularly, not that your subscription was lying in the drawer. If not inspiring, it can be swimming, yoga, various martial arts…

The very path of success can be called sports. There are winners and losers. Some reach the end, and others go the distance. Sport hardens your spirit and your willpower to win, and this is very important in achieving goals.

Successful people are the winners in their niche, those who constantly work day by day, achieving new results. One example would be Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was a bodybuilder, actor, and Governor of Los Angeles. Because I started with sports.

Surround yourself with like-minded people

This rule of a successful person assumes that moving one will be Oh how difficult. But when you have a team that supports you, it’s different.

As the outstanding business philosopher Jim Ron says:”You are the average of five people with whom you spend most of your time.”

rule of a successful person
Surround yourself with the best of the best

Surround yourself with the best of the best and then you’ll be like that. And we cannot agree with that. As you have already understood, to achieve success alone is very difficult, and in some cases impossible.

50% of success depends on having the right environment. Think about who’s around you? Friends who also have no goals and they drink beer in the evening. You can form your environment in any way-to influence it, to change some people or to leave it. But it should always be” healthy ” and have a positive effect on you.


Success is not possible without self-development. And if a person began to move towards him, he increasingly understands that self-development should be the root of his success.

information on self-development
skills and knowledge

There is a lot of information on self-development now. These are films for self-development, and various articles, courses, trainings. It is necessary to update your professional skills and knowledge.


In order to succeed in life, it is necessary to follow these rules of a successful person. They are not so many, but the importance of each of them can not be missed.

This is a complete system of rules, according to which you can start self-development right now. To root all these rules in your head at the beginning of the journey, I would recommend making a reminder on the desktop of your computer or laptop.

You should know them always. And come back to them when something goes wrong with you.

In the process of self-development. You will Supplement this list with your own rules.  As a result of changing your personality of a successful person.

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