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Self-development: what’s the point?

You will agree with me that every person who wants to succeed must develop. Only constant self-development and personal growth make it possible to achieve your goals and realize your dreams into reality.

Man has only two ways: either progress or degradation. Conservatism in its pure form contradicts the essence of the laws of the Universe. Alfred North Whitehead

To begin with, to understand what is the self-development. Of the individual, we must clearly define several basic concepts.

personal growth
about personal growth


A set of developed once in the past habits and preferences, which are due to the acquired experience and socio-cultural experience, as well as a set of psychophysical traits and characteristics of the person. All this determines the daily behavior of man, his connection with society and nature.

personal development growth
development growth personal

Personal development

Is a very important and at the same time complex process. Including such concepts as self-knowledge and self-development.


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Is the study of your personal mental and physical characteristics, understanding of yourself. Self-knowledge begins in infancy and then continues throughout life. In simple words, self-knowledge need to understand, why I live and what I want.

Self – development

Is a process of all – round personal development, which is expressed in the independent study of something and the application of this knowledge in practice, all this is carried out without any external control. Self-development has three forms: self-assertion, self-improvement, self-actualization.


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Is a specific activity within the framework of self-development to detect and confirm their certain qualities of personality, character traits, behaviors and activities. Spheres of self-assertion can be almost all kinds of life that acquire personal significance for a person: for someone it is work or study; for someone-sports, art or science.


improvement to success
self improvement success

Is the most adequate form of self-development, which assumes that a person himself strives to be better, to strive for some ideal, acquires those traits and qualities of the personality that he does not yet have, acquires those activities that he did not own.


self development
development professional self

Is the ability of a person to become what he should be. Fulfill his mission, his destiny in life.

If we now analyze all the above-mentioned definitions, it turns out that we develop and improve a set of developed habits and preferences that have been formed under the influence of society, our experience and acquired knowledge, a set of psychophysical traits and social masks.

As a result of personal development. We get personal growth and change of our reality around.

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  1. I’m still learning from you, as I’m trying to achieve my goals. I absolutely love reading all that is written on your blog.Keep the information coming. I liked it!

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