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Selling video. The more a client has his senses involved, the more he gets involved.

Using Video in Sales Prospecting and Selling.

If we use only vision with the help of text, then with the help of video we get maximum contact during remote work. We influence the subconscious through sight and hearing.

Two against one.

Therefore, the ability to create a selling video is a skill that is needed in the context of active growth of Internet marketing. This is what we will learn now.


The goal of any business is to make money. This is if we bypass the deep mission of the company. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with the desire to sell.

In addition, “shy entrepreneurs have hungry children.” But for everything to go smoothly, you need to understand what video sales, or video salesman is.

Marketing video is a material that leads a customer to purchase through work with fears, pains, advantages and benefits.

Only in this way and not otherwise. This is not a client zombie, this is a video that goes straight to the bull’s eye.

There is a big difference between selling and presenting. Within the selling video you need to find a middle ground. Otherwise, your material will be closed in a few seconds with the words “another deception” and will be closed forever.

Since our company and our blog are focused on the classic business (retail, services and wholesale). Then we will tell you how to create a video seller for such areas.

But if you are from another niche, it will also be useful for you to read it.

And before we get to the main parts that help to do this, I will tell you about the important points. Which must be taken into account when creating a video for business.

These are unwritten rules for maximizing results.

Target selling video

Any video should have a goal. As I wrote above. Usually it is to push the person to action. And while you do not understand what you are leading it to. Then you can not proceed to the stage of recording. Even look at the camera is prohibited at this moment.

The goal can be any.

create how to videos
Direct Selling Business Model

For example:

You can encourage a person to leave a request for consultation or measurement. Or you can encourage a person to make a purchase.

Or you can give birth to an idea from a person, throw an intrigue, which you will open later in a personal conversation.

The target audience

It is no secret to anyone that we are writing all advertising materials for the target audience or client avatars.

This understanding does not come immediately. We more or less clearly saw our ideal client after 3 years of work. When have accumulated a sufficient amount of information for analysis.

If you write for everyone, you’ll get it for anyone. It’s like selling snow to Papuans with the words “A lot of snow is good.” Stupidity and only.

Therefore, clearly defined by whom you write to whom you are selling. Until you decide on this, it’s better not to look in the direction of the camera and the script.

Life hacking.

If you promote videos using targeted advertising on instagram or advertising on Facebook, be sure to make subtitles. Since not everyone, especially during working hours, is comfortable watching videos with sound.

Video length

Argued that now no one is watching long videos, as too much information noise is everywhere.

And based on this thought, it comes to a logical conclusion that video marketing dictates the tendency of a short video to be watched to the end.

But! What does short mean? This means the shortest possible. Based on the information you need to convey.

That is, if you have important information for 20 minutes, then we do 20 minutes. Provided that this time will be saturated with content, and not spread information.


Depending on the “temperature” of the traffic, we act differently. That is, if a client sees you for the first time, first tell about yourself. And then about the product.

If the client is already familiar with you and is well aware of what you are offering, then our task is only to increase the need and put pressure on the action.

It turns out that the video salesman does not have the perfect sequence, because everything is always individual.

But at the same time there are blocks that make up such a video. Therefore, I will describe these blocks with details and examples below.

I will try to arrange them in sequence for a very cold, not conscious audience.

Since if we can deal with it, then for a conscious audience it will be necessary to simply shorten the sequence. Immediately skip the first stage of greeting and voicing your name.

Open loop

Besides the fact that you need to introduce yourself, you need to throw the hook. So that from the first seconds the viewer wants to watch your material to the end. Without a pause and lunch breaks.

Such a trick is called “open loop”. Your task is to say that the client thinks and wants to get an answer.

Example: “In a few minutes you will learn how to earn a million in a few days with a metal pipe.”

How do you promote a service business?
How do you market a successful service?

The more bold and intriguing the text, the longer your video will be viewed by the viewer.

But the main thing is that in the middle or the end of the video you close the loop. Revealed the meaning of the initial phrase. Otherwise, the viewer will have unfinished gestalt.


After the welcome and open loop, we make the main promise of the video, and so on. What will this movie be, or rather what the viewer will receive as a result after viewing.

Example: “In this video you will learn how website promotion will save you money and help us increase sales efficiency.”

We focus on the benefits! To enhance the promise you can use the “Even” technique.

Example: “Even if you now have visitors on the site. And even if sales are made from your site, then ”.

Thus, we immediately reveal objections that may arise during the viewing.


If we sell a product of impulse demand, it would be great to say about the shortage. That this product is limited and you may not have time to buy it, if you hesitate.

As part of the beginning, we say an abstract constraint. And in the end we are making a very specific proposal.

Example (at the beginning of the video):

“Our proposal has a limitation, which I will discuss a little further. So watch the video right now to the end. ”

Example (at the end of the video):

“At the moment we have allocated a quota of 10 orders at a special price. At the time of video recording, 6 sets remained. ”

History / Pain

Storytelling is a very powerful tool in business, so if you can tell a story. Which cuts off with the client, it will be very good.

The story idea should be based on the goal of the video. That is, through history, we must show the client that his problem is solved.

It can be said that through history we establish our contact and press unobtrusively on all the pain points of the client.

For example:

How to Sell Video Marketing
Producing & Selling Video

In the online store area, we say:

“Megan constantly ordered all things from AliExpress. And constantly met with the same problems:

1. Things are different from photos,
2. periodically parcels were lost,
3. Claims were reviewed through one. ”

You can put pressure on the client’s problems, bypassing the story. But this way the contact will be more difficult. Since you say in the forehead that he has a pain.

And in the story you just tell it, and the client himself compares with the main character.

Solution / Presentation

And here you have found a solution – the story told above may end like this. Or you can just go smoothly to the fact that you have a solution. Which allows you to get “One, two and three …”.

We talk about the decision in as much detail as possible, with all the benefits to the buyer.

At the moment you have to tell everything that the client will receive. Make it so that he says: “I don’t know how much it costs, but I want it!”.

At this point, you can close the loop that you opened at the very beginning of the video. After all, the client has already warmed up, and is less likely to close the video before the most tasty – the cost.

Warranty and Bonuses

It’s great if your company has certain guarantees. They will help to convince the customer to buy.

Warranties can be any, as the return of the goods, and quality assurance. This is not a required unit. But he will help to once again convince the client to make a choice in your direction.

In addition to the warranty, you can issue additional bonuses. Which will be a nice addition to the purchase. And since it will be free, it will be doubly pleasant.


In the seduction of the opposite sex there is a “Closer-on” technique. The bottom line is that after you had a wonderful and vivid emotion with a person.

We must take it and push it away so that it feels frustrated at the loss. To make him sad without you.

Same thing in business. Only we do not push away in the truest sense of the word. We say who we do not work with or who does not suit us.
For example:

1. “We do not work with online stores and start-up entrepreneurs.”
2. “We are not on the way, if you are only important low price and do not care about quality.”

And for the implementation of “Closer”, in addition to the presentation, you can use the “For whom this decision” block.

In this block you describe your ideal client. And the viewer at this time compares himself with him. And he understands that this product is made for him.


You are about to name the cost, but just a couple of words before its name. By the way, you can say the previous sentence in the video.

It lays down very well and shows people that you remember and do not conceal anything.

We summarize the result in order to isolate the most important of the entire presentation.

1. Highlight our strongest customer benefits.
2. Backing up with bonuses and guarantees.

This needs to be done, as it is not for nothing that they say, “Repetition is the mother of learning.” People could not understand everything from the first time, and from the second time it will come.

And the matter is not even in the absence of intellect, ordinary human factors are to blame for everything.

Cost of

Voicing of value can occur immediately in the forehead, if you have one product. If you have a lot of them, then the best choice would not try to list hundreds of positions.

And just to urge a person to leave a request or come to your store. Remember the purpose of the video.

If you have one product, then the “Value Justification” will be a good manipulation.

Before you call the final investment, you make a comparison with other companies / products or even with a completely different product.

Example (comparison with another company):

“If you buy similar lamps in another company, they will cost you $ 75,694. But with us you do not pay for the purchase, but for rent with further redemption. The result is only $ 75.69 per month. ”

Example (comparison with a radically different product):

“If I wanted to compare our product with household items, it would cost as much as one cup of coffee a day.”

Ideally, if you call the value in the video, then call it with a special offer. And to justify the special offer, we include the “Deficit” block, which we called earlier. Did you read everything carefully?

Practicing objections

Selling With Video
How To Sell Video Marketing

It can be said, the final of all our selling video, since after naming is a value or a call to action.

The client almost always has objections from the series “After”, “Doesn’t work for me”, “Not now” and so on. You need to process them.

Therefore, after the cost, you can say so:

“Now I’ll try to guess your thoughts. Surely you think that our barbershop was created only for young people, but this is not so, because ______ ”.

We work here as with the classic sale, take an objection and deploy it in our direction.

Naturally, the objections need to think in advance. Better yet, talk to your customers, and ask what exactly they were embarrassed about buying.

By the way, you can (must) work out objections not only at the end, but during the entire video.


Now exactly the last stage. This is the closing of our video. In it, you must make the maximum number of calls to commit the target action.

Otherwise, everyone will like everything, but will buy from others. And therein lies a big mistake.

Call for action to be under a different sauce and with different reasons.
For example, remind that the offer is limited and it is better to take action now. Or tell me that if they now make a call to your company, then this does not oblige them to anything, but a call for consultation.


Video is better than text and advertising, but worse than personal communication. But since we are talking about the video, let’s summarize.

Video sales is a great way to sell to customers on autopilot. Structured to submit all the information and convince the client to do the target action.

Creating such a video is not difficult if you understand your customers. And you can completely do the formula AIDA.

  • You attract attention;
  • Cause interest;
  • Cause desire;
  • Call for action.

Not for nothing they say that this is a universal sequence for all promotional materials.

As a rule, everyone will make a video in the style of “talking head”. This is where you stand and no more dynamics. Of course, with dynamics, changing frames and constant feed changes will be better.

But as a rule, there is enough person and background for a classic business. Or you can even make a slide show and voiceover. And even better mix.

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