What are SEO best practices?


SEO marketing. We are supporters of actions that bring money right here and now. But for stable and predictable growth, long-term methods also need to be implemented.

SEO marketing: start now

Use tools that will not work right now, but will give a tenfold effect in 3-6-12 months.

So today I will tell you what SEO marketing is and what factors you need to take into account to bring Your website or material to the top of search engines.


That’s where I want to start. It is a pity, but SEO optimization is not a fast technology of getting customers. But in the long term it is very profitable and useful.

Therefore, if you” burn, and everything around also burns”, it is better to look at other effective advertising channels. But if You’re all right, let’s get down to business.

And first, let’s understand what SEO-promotion.

SEO marketing (search engine optimization) – is the optimization of the site (pages) for search networks (google and others) in order to display materials in the first position for certain queries.

Which, as you understand, should resonate directly with Your products and company.

Such pseudo-advertising is better perceived by the audience, as they see Your site in search (not in the ad unit).

This means that they believe that Your conditions, your product and your company fully meet their requirements. In addition, in this way you can get tons of traffic to the site, when paid advertising you would have long gone bankrupt.

The most pleasant fact in this form of promotion is that you get traffic from search engines “for free”. Compared to the same contextual advertising where you pay per click.

The word” free ” in quotes, as to optimize the site. And to make really good stuff and promote it, you need money.

The main difference between SEO in comparison with other types of advertising — that most of the money you invest in the beginning, and then reap the benefits of their investments.

In not very competitive niches, it is likely that you will invest money at all once, and more investment will not be required.


I like to explain it in a more practical language, which is relevant for classical business.

So let’s imagine a few situations. And let’s see what business owners can get from the introduction of this tool in your gentlemen’s Arsenal.

Example 1. Men’s socks

You specialize only in men’s socks. And we all understand that in the 21st century socks are looking not only on the shelves, but also on the Internet.

As Mr. Google shows, only through his search monthly across the state of New York looking for socks 23 492 people.

I don’t know about You, but if I had a men’s socks business. And if they were all my clients.

I probably would not have written these articles, and helped homeless animals, children of Africa or other charitable foundations.

And there is quite obvious question-how to me to come to these people? Easy and simple. There are a lot of ways, but as you remember, today we are talking about SEO marketing.

So, we include seo promotion of your landing. We optimize it so that it gets to the first page of the issue and takes its place among these companies.

Of course, now to get to the leading position on such a competitive word is difficult and quite expensive. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

If you are just starting to understand this area, you want to do everything yourself (although it is better to turn to professionals) or the budget is limited.

You can use not such competitive requests as”men’s socks”. And take, for example request, ” men’s colored socks.” On them the competition is less, but also requests to the Internet also less.

Example 2. Photo shooting

You’re the photographer that makes the masterpiece photos. And you understand that the competition in Your field is just insanely wild.

Since now every 5th person is a photographer. To promote your site on direct requests, such as” Photographer New York ” — is not reasonable.

In this case, we take and write articles for information requests. These are queries that start with the words “How”, “Where”, “What”.

On such requests, people are looking for useful information. In our case (photographer) it will be:

And after a person goes to such a request, Your task is to tactfully transfer it to your services.

For example, to show what photos you have already taken in these places. This approach is ideal for advanced marketing, but this way You will never be without customers.

If you pay attention, this blog also has requests for information in each article.

Thus, We teach you and show our competence. And at this time, you increase your level of confidence in us and leave requests for our services

Example 3. Air boats

You are a manufacturer of airboats. Your product is chosen quite carefully, because to part with 30 000 -45 0000 dollars, especially in our time, it is difficult.

To make smart Internet marketing, you can take and create, for example, a Board on Pinterest.

Write a review of your boat in the form of a selling review (ideally from a famous person in your circles) and promote this material to the TOP using seo optimization.

And when people are looking for information about airboats, they will get to this article. And they will see that this is not advertising, but a real review and will perceive the information as verbatim and transparent as possible.

That is, they will believe every word. Your task is to make sure that the material does not smell like a selling article (or maybe selling a video), and seemed the most plausible.


All search engines are designed so that their criteria increase the site in the positions, then higher, then lower.

And, like the human brain, search engines, no one has yet unraveled even 50%. There are too many factors that change almost every day.

Now even the Google guide at first glance will not be able to tell you why almost two identical sites are with a difference of 100 positions. Too complicated. There are many factors that many underestimate.

SEO marketing start now

Possible marketing objectives
The goals of the marketing function which

Moreover, not a person decides who will stand in what place, is responsible for this self-learning robot, almost artificial intelligence.

Which, based on big data, splits together all the metrics and extracts the most relevant site for the query being entered.

But not everything is covered with darkness and secrets. There are global moments that summarize all the details. Know them all and they all try to tailor their pages and content.

Each of the points to Your search engine marketing seo is not passed, we now take a look at You.

Optimization of the technical component of the site

It is necessary for the search engine to be able to evaluate Your site as “technically good for the user”.

These actions include such “evil” words as: 301 redirect, lack of circular links, robots, sitemap, short URLS, H1-h5 headers and more.

This side is better to deal with a specialist. Since even if you understand, without basic programming knowledge, you will not understand anything.

Material optimization

To search engine was able to appreciate Your content, it must be submitted under the right sauce. It’s like the kitchen, the main gas station.

That is, in addition to writing a unique and high-quality content (this is very important), you need to insert keywords into it, embed images with prescribed Alt and Title.

Make a nice appearance, the amount of text to write is not less than that of competitors and so on.

Optimization of external factors

Next, you need to make sure that Google sees constant mentions of your material on the Internet.

To be referred to other sites, it was indicated in the comments to different posts, it was reposted in social networks.

Of course, you can influence this yourself by buying links from other sites (there are special exchanges for this) or ordering a search number of reposts on social networks on freelancers ‘ exchanges.

Behavioural factors

We need to make sure that people watch the material as long as possible. So they write comments so they don’t close it right after opening. So they bookmark it.

In other words, you need to make sure that the search engine saw that people are interested in this material.

And I will tell you this is not easy in times of information noise, when people immediately open 10 tabs and study only 2 of them. That is, we pay attention to optimization and content in equal parts.

What Is SEO
SEO marketing factors


I hope that now you have a huge number of ideas on how to implement SEO marketing for your business.

And to be sure that it suits you ( most likely it suits you). And at the same time to understand what and how to do for successful implementation, go through the following steps:

1. Go to the Google keyword planner service and check all your queries (both direct and informational).
2. To determine the number of people who are looking for your product or what is related to It;
3. Once you write down / remember all possible keywords (usually 20-30 is enough to start), drive them into the search engine and evaluate the level of competition. To do this, go to the pages of competitors and see how useful material they have and whether You can do better;

If the answer to paragraph 3 is positive, and you see that it makes sense to move further in this direction of Internet marketing.

Start by optimizing the technical side of the site. There are about 100 criteria. Then prepare and adapt the content. Then it needs to be strengthened by external factors.

Why don’t I write a step-by-step guide on how to implement SEO on my own?
This is due to the fact that the amount of information is very large. And if you’re a leader, that’s not what you need to learn.

This process is better to outsource. So You can earn more money than if you do it yourself.

The only thing you need is to understand how the whole process of optimization and promotion works. This will help you avoid cheating from pseudo “top expert” and the merged budget.

And in the field of marketing such pseudo-specialists very much. Insanely sorry, but the fact. Therefore, we have prepared for you an article “Seo promotion: price and stages”. After reading it, everything will become much clearer.

Life hack!

If you still intend to engage in seo optimization, I strongly recommend the service Kenshoo. First, the speed of its operation is simply amazing, and secondly, it works online, which is very convenient.

Why SEO Is Actually
What Does SEO Mean? Here’s Everything You


I can say with 100% certainty that there are areas where SEO is the last of all effective advertising channels.

This is due to the fact that not everywhere there is a large number of different requests. And to do full promotion in search engines only for low-frequency words makes no sense.

It would be more logical to give them contextual advertising. But there are exceptions everywhere.

But, for most of this tool is necessary. Only I have some bad news, now it’s not know-how. Time first passed, it was in the year 2000-2005, that’s when all skimmed from this direction.

Now it is necessary to fight, and, to do it with large players in the market. This is not a reason to give up, this is a reason to approach the strategy wisely.

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