How do I promote my website on Google?


SEO promotion can be described in three words: “Long”, “Expensive” and “Effectively”.

The Right Marketing Tool for Your Business

As you might have guessed, the most frequently asked question for these three words was: “Expensive, how much is this?”. And the truth is still relative.

Expensive – is it $ 100 per month or $ 15,000 ?! How much is the promotion of seo and what is included in it, we will look into this article.


We have an SEO specialist on staff who are more involved in this blog and part of our clients in marketing consulting.

And according to the classics of the genre, in 3-4 months, when all the main processes are already built. We propose to move to a more protracted, but effective action. And just seo refers to this case.

Promote Your Business on Social Media
promoting your small business through social media.

But the matter ended before it began. Because when the owner heard the cost of this kind of promotion in his niche (construction). That said the phrase: “Better I will build a house with this money.”

SEO promotion why so expensive

I liked this phrase so much that now I constantly quote it on speeches.

The phrase may be correct, but there is one problem. He never realized that if he invested “his house” in SEO, in 1-2 years he would have two or three of them. Nice exchange ?!

Can be used as a slogan: “I am changing one house for the same three”. It’s a pity not everyone will understand.

Important! Don’t know what SEO is? Rather, read our article “SEO Marketing: Your Contribution to the Future.”


Of course, I am exaggerating now. This does not mean that for SEO promotion, you need to take and put packs of several thousand dollars on the table at once.

Just if we consider this method in relation to other channels and ways of advertising on the Internet. That he becomes not the most profitable in the initial investment.

And therefore, before we proceed to discuss the cost, I really want you to do one installation.

You need to evaluate the advertising channel not by expenses, but incomes from it (ROI). This is a very important thinking and not only within this channel.

So. Let’s break down the term SEO marketing into components so that it is clear what lies behind this miracle. In addition to obtaining the cherished top positions in search engines. In other words, for which experts take money.

We will consider the full stuffing. That is, what would you get if you went according to the format all inclusive. Then we will consider what in fact usually enters SEO for $ 150, $ 1500, $ 8000.

For convenience of calculation, I will give the average time of employment (working days) of the project at each step. So, below will be presented the stages of SEO website promotion.


The first and most important stage is preparation. We will consider the ideal work. Therefore, we consider the ideal scheme:

The cost of this part of the work depends entirely on the cost of working hours of specialists. So in theory, the more expensive the cost, the more qualified the specialists. But in practice, this is not always the case.

Internal optimization

We optimize our engine (website) for high-speed driving. We make Ferrari from a low-speed car. We do everything so that the site and pages are being promoted. Had all the necessary features for this.

Optimization of the technical side of the site – 15-20 days

  • Writing SEO texts for pages – 10 days
  • It does not look very voluminous. But if it is laid out in subtasks, then there will be at least 50 of them.

This will include:

  • writing robots
  • re-linking
  • removing errors in the code
  • definition of H1,
  • nausea test
  • interweaving keywords
  • eliminating circular references,
  • setting redirects
  • improved download speed,
  • fixing broken links …

SEO promotion tasks and deadlines

I am sure it is now clear. Work in this matter is no end. At this stage, almost all tasks are taken by the copywriter and programmer. These are all their derivatives.

Payment is also made by labor hour. Pleasant moment – a copywriter is much cheaper than a programmer (if you know where to look).

And the main advantage of this stage is that in 90% of cases the work is one-time and it is no longer necessary to repeat it further. Alterations are not counted here 😉

External optimization

There is a site, there are pages, but no visitors. To blame external factors that give search engines signals. That we are the coolest in this world and we need to give place to number 1 on our list.

And for this little dance with a tambourine, you need to sweat a lot, especially for a site that was previously “no”. And only his own employees came to him.

And at this stage, SEO site optimization includes:

  • Buying links – constantly
  • Placing in catalogs – 1-2 days
  • Publications in social networks – constantly

Based on this, we can conclude that this stage is permanent and it is for him that quite specific money is spent.

Because to make it so that you are referred to for free, it is very difficult if you promote a regular classic website, and not content marketing.


SEO Promotion For Your Website
How can I do SEO for my website?

It would seem that all. You can count all the working days spent, multiply the amount by the cost per hour, and get the real figure how much SEO costs.

I myself would love to sum up so much. I stopped writing this article and would go on learning to play the guitar. But for the whole “truth” it is necessary to reveal further nuances.

  • Competition. Owners with competitive areas need to prepare for a monetary struggle.
  • Region. Getting to Lexington is easier than going to New York. After all, less competition.
  • Requests. The more commercial inquiry (buy / price / order), the greater the complexity.
  • Position. Would you like to take the Top 3, not the Top 5? It means that no additional expenses are possible.
  • Seasonality. If your direction has seasonality (batteries, air conditioners, snowboards), then during the peak months you will have to lay out more budget than in the off season.
  • Site. I hope you all is well with the site, otherwise it will be easier to pay for a new one than for reworking the old one.

As a rule, companies do not increase their estimates because of these nuances. And by default they are counted in the subscription fee. Since these factors make external promotion more difficult than internal.

I personally have not noticed that the SEO-agency said: “In the summer you pay $ 800, and in the winter $ 2500, since you have a season.”

Right or left

Surely you noticed that there are craftsmen who are willing to work for $ 100 a month. And there are those who do not charge less than $ 8,000. And all this rests on two points.

Freelancer is cheaper by default. Since there is no surcharge for the office, accountant, advertising, director and so on.

But this is also a minus, because one person cannot perform such a large volume of tasks. Just do not have enough hands, because the work here is not only intellectual.

The agencies are more expensive, as there is an additional financial burden. But the ability to implement more complex projects in competitive niches, where simple optimization and a few links are indispensable.

Who to choose you?

It’s simple. If a complex project, then exactly to the agency. Moreover, to that which is really an agency, and not which is called “Bureau (surname)”. As a rule, they are just freelancers with a team of freelancers.

If your project is simple, then a freelancer and a programmer will be enough.


Here we come to the most interesting – the answer to the question how much seo promotion costs.

How do I improve my SEO ranking
stages of SEO promotion

When you know what this beast is called SEO, you can realistically estimate the amount of work and see how smart it is to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Thanks to the explanations above, now you understand that in simple areas you pay the justified cost of 1-2 months. And then you overpay, because the experts have no such workload.

In the case of a complex sphere, the opposite is true. Companies earn in the first step, and then they suffer more than they actually work.

  • Therefore, it would be logical to divide the work for the first month;
  • Preparation and internal optimization;
  • And for subsequent external optimization.

Then it will be easier to figure out how much to pay. Since the service sector is very difficult to understand whether you overpay or not.

We will take the average prices on the market. After all, a comparison table does not make sense, as well as comparing haircuts with masters of different qualifications.

Average cost per preparation:

Freelancer – $ 230.
Agency – $ 600.

Average price for internal optimization:

Freelancer – $ 300.
Agency – $ 1,100.

Average price for external optimization (monthly):

Freelancer – $ 150.
Agency – $ 600.

Please understand that these are average prices. This means that there are those who take at times more, and there are those who take at times less.

Definitely just want to say, do not be fooled by too cheap offer ($ 100- $ 120 per month). Besides the fact that you lose money, you lose time.

The result in SEO is not fast (from 2 months), which means you will not soon realize that you have been deceived.


Delegating promotion to specialists is definitely cool and right.
But after getting acquainted with the estimates, some of the people are immersed in such thoughts:

-“For that kind of money, I myself can promote the site. I read the Internet and slowly go to the first pages of the issue for free.”

It is difficult, albeit quite possible, but you still have to pay. If not a SEO specialist, so for SEO tools exactly with which they work every day.

Anyway, a good set of tools for business can not be free.

In order to scare you once again or vice versa, I’ll tell you what “flour” you will need to go through using the services:

  • In-depth analysis of the strategy of competitors to the very last page of the site;
  • Collect semantics of three (and more) leading competitors in a niche;
  • Search for missing keywords on your site for which you can also receive traffic;
  • Monitoring the positions of your own site and immediately 100 competitors for the necessary requests;
  • View backlinks: who, whence and when left links to our / competitor site;
  • SEO site audit with error correction tips and more.

If these words still have not beaten off the desire to promote the site independently, then learn to use SEO tools.

SEO tools and services is a convenient tool for independent and professional promotion and diagnostics of your site.

Important! The price of such services pays off, provided that you fully use all the functions, and not one.


SEO is as guaranteed a way to increase site traffic as it is long-term. However, the fact that SEO lived, lives and will live is for sure.

The fact that every year it is becoming more and more difficult to take positions is also certain.

Not exactly in this case, only the concept of how much to pay for it. And as with any service, no one will ever tell you the exact cost. Although the guidelines I tried to outline.

Another very important point. There is a huge difference between the promotion of a multipage site and landing.

And if this article is about the site. You will learn about the variant with the second from the article about the SEO promotion of landing.

Again, in order not to fly with the choice of specialists because of the price, remember that the more complex the project, the more expensive you need to pay for SEO.

The lighter the project, the lower the amount of investment. This obvious thought will save you tens of thousands of dollars.

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