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Site design. Can I hit you in the forehead? And as much as I once received this blow. Ready? Site design does not affect the conversion of the site.

More precisely, beauty does not always have a positive effect on performance. Painfully?!

When I saw this in analytics, I was just shocked. But not everything is as simple as it seems. Therefore, we analyze in more detail the visual development of the landing page.


Why some consider blondes the most beautiful creatures in the world, while others say. That only brunettes are worthy of love. And because there is no such thing as “Beautiful.”

There is the concept of “Like” and “Standards”. It turns out that one cannot be sure with certainty what the design of the site should be. Is he handsome or scary?

Mass Following
Mass Following is a trick as old as Adam

Therefore, the most important thing you need to learn now is before we get down to business. This is what any site is good for design. Only not everyone likes it. And most importantly, you need to like your client avatar.

In our practice, we noticed as “scary” sites with very, very large / small fonts. Stock images and chaos in colors. Gave marketing figures higher. What is his kindred in the ideal (in the opinion of the majority) form.

Returning to our topic. The site must meet the desire of the target audience. And if you take the grandmothers as an example (a vivid example), then they don’t need your 2019 trends at all.

Any frills in animation and layered objects. They need the most simple site with large text and a white background for ease of learning.


Owners of sites that are not very nice to see are now exhaled. Thinking that you can save tens of hundreds on redesign. And they did it for nothing.

Since they still need to understand that to develop a site design is not only to pick colors.

Below are the basics that are very important if you are creating a new design project. Or think how to change the design of the site.


But the concept of “Standards” is very measurable, and this applies including the beauty of men and women. You can’t say “scary man,” but you can say “not standard.” That is, growth is less than 180, the figure is not athletic, the smile is so-so, and so on.

The sites also have a kind of design standards for professionals. And they must know every designer who puts his hand to the skill.

There are hundreds of such standards, so if you want to understand them, then alas, this article cannot be done.

In addition, I am sure that you are not going to make your own website design for your company, since you are an owner.

And your main task is to make sure that your contractor or designer understands the basic knowledge and design elements.

For the test, you can use three questions (the correct answers also wrote to them):

  1. How can I highlight links on the site? (blue or underlined)
  2. In what size do you need to fit the elements of the site, if you do not do adaptive? (up to 1280 pixels (most popular screen size)
  3. Is it possible to deform the fonts of text elements? (not allowed)

Someone can argue and say that there are no standards in web design. But I think differently. There are canons that do not hurt the eyes and are familiar to the consumer. So they need to use to create convenience. To him and turn.

Structure and location

It is important not to give the development of the correct structure of the landing – the designer! It should be clearly understood, the designer is not a marketer.

These are different people, with different education, with different brains and different views on life.

  • Marketing is analysis and numbers;
  • And design is creativity and imagination (+ a bit of standards).

Therefore, if you decide to make your own landing page. That, please, do not give completely this business to the designer. Do it yourself better.

And yes, the designer is not guilty of his desire to earn more money, agreeing to perform this task at your request.

The only thing that can be partially entrusted to the designer, or rather listen to his opinion, is the arrangement of elements for more convenient movement on the landing page.

To listen, it does not mean to give. It means to do it yourself and get feedback.


Do it yourself will be 100 times cheaper


With the basic theory figured out, it’s time to get down to business, namely how to create a site design. To do this, let’s look at what stages of creation you need to go through.

Stage 0 – Patterns or Uniqueness

Quite often, this question designers and customers do not raise. Since the customer a priori hopes to get a unique product. A designer, for the sake of saving time, take something ready.

Of course, this does not mean that everyone wants to deceive you. But it is desirable to define this moment for yourself and raise it in a conversation with a specialist.

Do not forget that for a unique design of the landing you will give several times more than for the template. But at the same time you will not get into an uncomfortable situation, since you will not find the same site (maybe even tens) on the Internet.

Therefore, my personal opinion, in our age, it is important to use only a unique template or full rights to a template that no one else can use except you.

Stage 1 – prototype

How to start making a website design? Of course, it all starts with an idea. But the creation of a site design begins with a prototype.

That is, schematically depicted your future site. As you remember, you do it personally. And this stage can not be skipped, otherwise you will not know what.

You can implement a prototype on a sheet of paper with a pen. So with the help of a special program or constructor.

For example, the designer Profit Canvas allows you to quickly and conveniently move blocks, texts, and more. Indeed, in the process of creating a website design, new ideas are constantly coming. And on paper it is difficult to realize all the ideas.

Design Your Own Website Today!
site design prototype example

Most often, even at the prototype stage, you need to consider how the blocks and design elements will be located, at least tentatively.

For example.

The image is on the left, the text is on the right (one more standard).

Based on this, the designer will implement everything. But do not drive him to a standstill, I recommend adding a note “Changes in the location of blocks, texts and elements” are possible.

Stage 2 – corporate identity or “I like”

Due to the absence of this step, more than half of the projects are often delayed, and the development of the website design stops.

As the customer sees under the word “Red” – the color of pomegranate. And the designer – the sunset. Therefore, it is ideal if you have the opportunity to send your corporate identity and guideline. In the minimum version you need to throw off sites that you like.

And you do not need to think with the words “You’re a designer, make it beautiful!”. If we once again carefully read the first chapter of the article, we recall that there is no such thing.

For all the “beautiful” looks different. Remember. Either corporate style, or sites that like (+ images).

Stage 3 – the first two screens

Even with stage 2, there may still be problems. Therefore, in order for the client not to use in vain his limited number of alterations under the contract.

And the designer did not have to waste his personal time in vain. You need to first coordinate the first 2 screens, and then move on. Already then the design of buttons for the site, the design of pop-up forms, pop-ups and so on.

Why the first two?

Stage 4 – Implementation and Editing

You, as the owner, shouldn’t really be interested in how the creation of the site design takes place, what the whole process looks like.

At this stage I want to stop a lot of attention on edits. And to say that creating a design landing page, you do not need to go into perfectionism. Since it can last forever.

The site can be completed forever, to the extent that your great-grandchildren enough. The ideal strategy is to remove all major errors, run the project. And then in the process of twisting, based on analytics.


Landing design is certainly important, but not as much as many think. We brought into our company a very interesting phrase “The main thing is that the design of the site does not repel”. This phrase describes the whole situation very well.

According to the program maximum, your design should like your target audience, not you and your employees.

Write specific items that will be the criteria for evaluating the site, it is impossible. As though there are standards, design is a creative matter. Therefore, without a sense of beauty is not enough.

If you do not have it, then ask others to rate, but not forgetting that the opinion of your customers is the most important.

So that you will not let go on a “watery note”, I will give you some tips that will help you at least conceptually understand where to go.

If the feeling of beauty is not your strong point:

  • The entire style should look through the overall style (in headings, icons, images, transitions);
  • A website design salesperson should focus on texts and images, not on themselves;
  • Fonts should not be standard (Arial, Times New Roman, Verdan, and so on);
  • The space between the elements should be sufficient for easy study.

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