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SMART Technology: The technology of goal setting

Every person has a large number of goals in his life. But to achieve them, it is necessary to determine correctly what exactly you want.

If you set the right goal, it will be part of the future success. So I suggest you get acquainted with one of the most popular technologies for setting goals — SMART.

How did SMART technology appear?

Smart goal-SETTING is an abbreviation, which was introduced by Peter Drucker in 1954. It includes 5 main criteria by which it is necessary to assess the correctness of goal setting.

Specific purpose
Measurable target
  1. Specific – a specific;
  2. Measurable-measurable;
  3. Achievable – achievable;
  4. Realistic-realistic;
  5. Timed-defined by time.

Many other authors have created their own methods related to the goals. Just fit the abbreviation and other words, but still Peter’s technology is the most common because of its effectiveness.

How to use SMART technology?

Now let’s you more specifically consider what all these words mean. And for example, I will consider the financial goal.


It means that the goal should be as specific and clear as possible.

I recently asked a friend: “How much do you want to earn a month to feel comfortable and not to deny yourself anything?”. And he to me and says: “I don’t know. Clearly much more than now.”

What is the answer? It specific? I was personally not clear how much he needs for a comfortable life! I goal set in this plan.

I want to make $15,000. So here is contemplated, that the universe likes specificity. She doesn’t know any “blurred” words that we use all the time: bigger, better, stronger, etc.

A vague goal: to earn more.

Specific goal: to earn $15,000.

I think it’s been dealt with. We go further…

2. Measurable

Any goal must be measurable, otherwise how will you know that you have achieved it. That is, you have to choose the criterion by which success in achieving this goal will be determined. And it should be measurable not only the final goal, but also intermediate.

In any sphere of life, you can set a goal and measure it. Let me give you some examples.

Health: your weight in kg, pulse in beats, early rise in hours;

Sport: bicep volume in cm, number of push-UPS, running in seconds;

Work, business: money, company turnover, number of employees.

Immeasurable goal: earn 15 000

Measurable goal: earn $15,000

3. Achievable

You must clearly assess the situation in which you are, and understand what resources(internal and external) to achieve it you already have and what will need to have. Of course, it is better to set more ambitious goals than very small ones, but you also do not need to overdo it)…

For example, if you hit 50 years, and you wanted to pull in the bench press 200 kg, it will be a difficult goal, because health is not the same as in his youth.

Unattainable goal: earn $ 1 billion per month

Achievable goal: earn $15,000 per month

4. Realistic goal

Realism is the degree of adequacy to something. Let’s look at an example. I have many goals, but one desire does not fit under the criterion of realism.

I want to go to another planet and see another race. But I understand that at the moment there is no such spacecraft that will reach the very planet. So mine is not a goal but a dream and she from me does not depend. Like this!

So same one goal should not contradict the other. For example, since Monday you are going to observe the correct sleep mode, but on Friday you will go to the club again until the morning. It turns out that one goal prevents the other and perform their two at the same time is unrealistic.

Unreal goal: to earn $15 000 per month on laser guns

The real goal: to earn $15,000 per month in the auto business

5. Defined in time

You have to set a specific deadline. This can be either a fixed date or a certain period. Goals, like a train, must have a departure time from one point and arrival time to another. The deadlines you set should also be realistic.

Uncertain: earning $15,000 a month in the auto business

Defined: earn $15,000 per month in the auto business in 3 years (by 2021)

So we have considered all the criteria. As a result, what conclusion can be drawn? SMART technology allows us to specify any goal as much as possible.


At the moment, SMART is the most effective goal-setting system. It helps not only to set the task correctly, but also to lay the minimum way of its implementation, so many people use SMART.

This technology can be suitable not only for setting personal goals, but also for achieving super goals in the team.

And the next time you want to set yourself a new goal, use this wonderful tool. Good luck!

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