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13 ideas on how to speed up the brain

From the work of our brain depends on memory, mental ability and IQ. Ultimately, it is from the brain all life depends. After all, this is where all the decisions, which are then and define your life. And if you want great victories and achievements, use

These 13 ideas that will help you speed up the brain and improve their memory

Once a week, do something new The new activities will make your brain grow. He will have to think, invent something.

This will create new neural connections. And develop your brain and mental abilities. A massage of the head and hands Preheat hands together.

Then grind the temples, forehead, ears … In general, a light circular motion promassiruy the entire head. It improves the blood circulation of the brain, and thus your mind.

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how to train memory,

Turn off your brain for 15 minutes every day.

Our the brain all the time about something thinks. A direct voltage leads to a decrease mental abilities. So spending 15 minutes a day to rest for the brain. Find a quiet place where there is no light and prying sounds and sit there, trying not to think about nothing.

If no such place, you can wear a mask over his eyes and insert earplugs. Move more – any movement improves circulation in the brain and, therefore, all the processes in it.

What helps to quickly become more intelligent.

Use the time before bedtime to improve memorization – what do you think the last 45 minutes before bedtime, processed the subconscious during sleep up to 6 times more.

So, if you need to remember something, study it’s bedtime. And most of you will remember in the morning already. More details of this procedure here Solve all in the mind – every day we have to put number, something to remember.

And if you use this phone, then weakens his memory.

So try to solve all your mind. If you do so train your memory every day, very soon learn to remember more information in less time. Constantly develop intelligence . This will allow you to purchase a good memory and learning think.

Check the composition of its body on trace elements and hormones – for the brain needs a lot of nutrients and trace elements.

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Without them, it really grows dull. So hand over blood and hair. And if some substances do not suffice, find out how to fill them. This will quickly increase the efficiency of the brain. Include in your diet, these foods for the brain

how to develop the brain,

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They speed up your brain and you start to think Stop your best score left brain information – delete any data, which has nothing to your life in any way.

All this makes your brain work in a mode non-stop, so he had no time to recover and grow.

Train your memory

read books, try to remember relevant data, taking into verses by heart, learn a foreign language to communicate more often on various topics.

Memory is like a muscle. If it is to train every day, it will improve. Eat something sweet chocolate or honey are sources quick energy – glucose. If you urgently need to improve mental abilities, it is the best option.

Within 10 minutes you will begin to think and remember faster.

Drink more water to 90 percent of the brain is water, so dehydration literally makes you stupid. Water helps develop your thinking.

Therefore, to drink at least a glass of clean water a day 10 kg of weight. But preferably more. Drink water by no later than 30 minutes before meals and after hours after.

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