Streams of recurring income

recurring income

Streams of recurring income: Most business owners
online who provide a product
or service suffer from one BIG problem…

They are forced to keep hunting for the next customer.

Think about it – You provide a product or a service
for a customer, you complete the work (or provide the product)
and that relationship is complete…

What do you do next?

You now have to go find the very next customer…

And this is where it gets frustrating.
You can ONLY scale your business as fast
as you can get customers.

Plus, you have to have the capacity to DELIVER
on that product or service you offer.

How to Add Recurring Revenue Streams
Best Way to Add Recurring Revenue

Many entrepreneurs are spending so much time
chasing the next customer that they start
to fail on delivering on the sale.

Which means pissed off customers, a business
that is struggling to make ends meet.
Eventually, everything reaches a breaking point.

I see this so often in businesses that it actually
pains me. I’ve seen so many great business
collapse under their own weight.

business slows down to a crawl

It’s a constant hamster-wheel that if you stop running,
business slows down to a crawl, income drops off…
Things fall apart.

So you have to keep running faster and faster
to stay afloat or burn out…
Which is what happens most of the time.

The reason for this state of affairs is often
that they lack this ONE key element in their business…

That ONE element is recurring Income.

key element
ONE key element in their business

Streams of recurring income in any
business allowsw you to do many things:

  1. It gives you the ability to scale your business faster
  2. Can pull through the leaner times without as much pressure
  3. You are less reliant on chasing the next customer with sales rolling in every month on autopilot
  4. You can focus on delivering a fantastic product or service

So, this weekend, think about your business.
If you DON’T have a recurring income stream that
you can rely on, you’ve got a problem.

Think about how you can add a scalable recurring
income stream as part of your sales processes and offerings.
Where can you introduce extra value that your customers
need that they will pay for every month?

Recurring Revenue
stable revenue

Here are a few FAST ideas:

    1.  Membership sites – Constant streams of awesome content.
      The easy way, weekly videos and Q&A sessions, etc.
    2. Paid newsletter – One of my personal favorites.

3. Affiliate offers with lifetime recurring commissions
and you don’t have to do anything other than refer customers.

4. Physical product subscription – Consumables, Supplements, etc.

5. SaaS platforms – Think automation / processes / etc.

6. Service plans or service retainers – Win-win for you
and your customers and clients.

Think about it, what could you add next week that could give you a sanity kickstart and recurring revenue that could potentially outstrip your standard sales?

It can make all the difference in the world…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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