Is targeted advertising effective?


Targeted advertising. To get right into the heart of a client is the desire of any entrepreneur. Moreover, to get so that did not let go the next few weeks.

This can be achieved with the help of two things – an effective offer and targeted advertising.

We have already talked about effective advertising, but about targeted it is worth talking fully. After all, now we will examine not only what it is, but also what tricks (from the series “behind the scenes”) can be done with it.


As a rule, people who are searching for a search query “Targeted advertising” mean advertising on social networks. But I will reveal to you a terrible secret.

Targeted, we can call not only advertising in social networks. Although there she was entrenched most closely.

Targeted = dotted. But literally it is “Target”. Already from the very name of the benefits of targeted advertising. It is shown to the person who fits our specifications.

The key word here is characteristics. They can be any. Next, we analyze them all. It turns out, as long as we do not know our target audience, we do not know who to show ads. Therefore, the success of an advertising campaign lies in the understanding of its client.

Important! The more we know about the client, the more accurately we can tune in to it.

When you see the word “characteristics”. Surely in your head you have the technical indicators of household appliances and the like.

I guessed with a probability of 9 to 10. So that you think about something else, you can use a synonym – signs. So it will be easier.


For us, as marketers, it seems that everyone should know what targeted advertising on the Internet is. But the output is a completely different picture.

There are people who hear this definition for the first time. And even after reading a few paragraphs at the top it’s still not a good idea how it looks.

Therefore, I will now show you the most popular, which everyone knows for sure. So, targeted advertising in social networks.

Facebook Ads Interest Targeting
targeted Facebook ads

Instructions for setting up targeted advertising on Instagram.

What Marketers Need to Know About Targeted Banner Advertising
targeted advertising on Instagram.

After the examples, I think it became clear what targeted advertising in social networks is.

I go around, yes, about, I bring you up to date, but soon we will move on to the actions, how you can use it rationally.

Now, by the examples above, you have familiarized yourself with the main characters of the “Target” format. And as mentioned above, although they are the main characters, they are not the only ones.

Contextual advertising is another

Many people have a question, how does targeted advertising differ from contextual advertising. At first glance, this is the same thing.

After all, there, and there we tune in to people according to certain parameters. Only here the parameters are different, so the names are different.

Contextual advertising comes from the word “context”. More clearly this word in the combination “conversation context”.

Only in the case of advertising is relevant phrase “request context” of the client. In other words, we show our advertising to the client regarding his request.

In the case of targeted advertising, everything is different. After all, we show advertising to a person who fits according to our signs. And the biggest difference is that at this point in time a person can search for nothing.

But in the same Google Advords, there are also tools that allow you to make targeted advertising. Called Google Display Network.

How much is?

The whole question is what we are talking about. About the social network or what? If we are talking about social networks (we will continue to talk about other channels).

That its cost depends on many factors. Though everyone says so, but it is true. After all, there is someone who is willing to work for food, but there is someone who, for several tens of thousands, will not even lift a finger.

In our practice we tried different specialists with different pricing. And now I’m not talking about a specialist in the state, but about freelancers and other smm-agencies.

The price tag ranged from $100 to $500 for setting up ads in one social network.

That’s right. Payment by a targeting expert is based on the number of social networks. There is someone who takes a certain amount and percentage from the advertising budget. You did not seem again.

In addition to the remuneration of a specialist, you should have a budget for promotion, we have well explained this topic in the article “Promotion of business in social networks: from dialogues with a client”.

We have different partners with different levels of quality of service. But you can definitely say that the more complex the project. The more professional people need.

If you take the average price on the market, then a good specialist who works for himself (not the agency). Will take for one social network $ 150- $ 250


I repeat. People usually think about social networks when naming the word “targeted” and this is both right and wrong at the same time.
Sites can be completely different.

So, in almost every advertising channel there is an opportunity to make a point offer. Therefore, below I will give examples from both social networks and from other channels, where you can be customized individually for each.

Below we analyze what are the types of targeted advertising. This material will be useful precisely in terms of strategy.

We will discuss ideas that you can, both independently and with the help of your employees, implement in your company. Some of the ways will be “phishing” for you, and I know that you love them

Part of the theme of the target can be called the ability to segment. After all, the main task is to divide the audience into segments according to certain characteristics.

Geographic Targeting

Recently, we have taken on the promotion of a network of laboratory clinics, since their business depends largely on the location. So we decided to advertise for people living in a certain area of ​​the city. This is called geographic targeting.

We implemented it in two ways:

The first way is that we advertised on social networks for people living in these areas. To do this, in the advertising offices of social networks, we chose the radius of interest on the map. It took 20 minutes.

The second way – we made an SMS mailing, again for those living in the sales territory we need. This service is officially provided by the operator.

Understand what’s the idea, if your clients are local?

If you need people who are close to you or in a specific area. Then you need to advertise for geotargeting.

For example, a restaurant gives constant advertising about business lunch to people within walking distance. And apartment repair companies need to show ads on objects under construction.

By the way, geo-targeting is often used in online advertising. And its main use is to turn off the display of advertising on certain cities or areas.

After all, we all know that the cost of advertising in New York is higher than, for example, in Denver. Therefore, New York is simply excluded from advertising.

You can use geo-targeting everywhere: in email marketing, in seo-marketing and even when an online consultant jumps out. All this will help you understand – to whom, when and what to show.

Behavioral targeting

If you are on our site looking for materials about working with staff. What banner should we show you so that you are more likely to leave your details and subscribe to the newsletter?

Logically, we must show you a banner about the staff. This is behavioral targeting.

On the site, we can implement this with the help of almost any pop-up service. The principle is simple – you specify the condition of visiting a particular page.

And connect this condition with the necessary pop-up. In addition to the usual visit, we can specify the following conditions:

  • the duration of the visit,
  • number of pages viewed.

In terms of behavioral targeting can be not only a visit to the site.
For example.

If you sell fashionable clothes, then you can show your advertisements to people who have left comments / liked in fashion communities.

Or do one of the dozens of proposals, based on the questionnaire that the client passed at your request.

Another chip.

You can show different advertisements to the client, depending on whether he read your offer or not. Magic? Just marketing.

The idea is that you embed a special code (pixel) in the letter. Which shows whether the offer is read or not.

Besides the fact that you can call him at the moment of reading, you can still catch up with the advertisement “Look at your mail”, if he suddenly didn’t open the letter. Services are different, they are easy to find on request in the “Email tracking service” search engine.

Targeting by interest

Each of us has our own interests: someone loves golf, someone loves animals, and someone loves fishing. And this means that we can be distinguished among all just by these signs.

A golf lover will sit in groups of golf, an animal lover will constantly post posts about our smaller friends. A lover. Did you understand.

It turns out that in order to give us advertising on golfers, we give advertising to people who sit in groups of golf. For livestock breeders, we will advertise on animal forums.

Moreover, if our customers are cat lovers, then we will place an advertisement in the section about cats.

We had a case where we were promoting a toy store. Toys were from different films and cartoons.

What have we done?

We took and advertised in groups of films. Advertised Darth Vader (star wars) for fans of this series of films.

They did the same with other toys. About the effectiveness of targeted advertising in this case, I think you have already guessed.

By the way, many people forget about mobile apps. And in vain! You can also advertise for those who use certain applications.

Immediately that comes to mind, it’s all sorts of games on the phones. Why not promote, for example, our toys again with the heroes of certain games?

Time targeting

What do you want to eat in the evening? And what do you want to eat in the morning? And in the afternoon? You already understand what I’m getting at ?!

And the fact that the food network should show relevant advertising of food relative to the time of day. In the evening, you can show a set of sushi with wine, in the morning healthy breakfasts from cereal, and in the afternoon nourishing business lunches. This is a time targeting.

In many areas, depending on the time, the preferences change. But besides preferences, we can also be advertised only at the time when our target audience buys.

For example, if you know that you have the most peak of applications from 18.00 to 20.00, then release an advertisement at this time. And at another time, turn off, let other companies merge the budget.

You can also be attached to the days of the week. For example, during the weekend, suggest to come for a massage to recharge your batteries for the next week.

Or by the time of year, writing to people from the northern states – “It’s cold? Buy vouchers to warm countries. ” Weight options, just turn on your wits.

Socio-demographic targeting

Age, gender, nationality, position – this is a small part of what is included in the socio-demographic targeting.

But with this in the arsenal, you can create brilliant advertising that will go straight … to where? True as you want, right in the heart of the customer.

For example, targeted ads on Facebook may be shown for those people. Which indicated their position “Director”.

No dancing with a tambourine, all you need is to choose a position and run an advertisement. And this you can implement with any position.

And what can we do with age? At a minimum, we can write to an ad – “41 years old is a wonderful age.”

We practiced this with our client. Launched advertising, which begins with the age of the selected audience. Involvement was higher. But it’s flowers.

When we know the age, we still know the birthday. What do you do on your birthday? Give gifts.

Therefore, give advertising to those who will soon have a birthday with the words – “In honor of the Birthday for you a super discount.” Moreover, we can show advertising in advance so that a person has not yet had time to spend all the money.


The maximum effect can be achieved with a combination of all signs. You can create crazy sequences and the effect of “shadowing” with the right approach.

You can speak the language of customers, and show them exactly what they want. And for an example of an integrated approach, I will tell you the story about Meghan and Clyde.

Meghan is a middle manager who loves slippers (more than 30 pieces in his personal collection).

And Clyde produces slippers, the ones that Meghan loves so much. But they meet and fails. After all, Clyde saves on advertising, and Meghan just does not look for it.

Clyde, as a man, takes the situation into his own hands and decides to launch an advertisement, but not simple, but targeted. First of all, he decides to advertise on the social network Instagram for everyone who loves fashionable shoes.

Here the story could end happy ending, but no. Although Meghan saw the ad and switched to the site, she still left it empty-handed. She just thought that she didn’t need 31 pairs of slippers right now.

Clyde does not give up. He is catching up with a lover of slippers using retargeting (a tool that allows advertising to those who were on the site).
Since our businessman knows a lot about business, he is waiting for the right moment. Namely, her birthday, and shows her advertising with slippers, which she considered the longest.

But she still thinks! And as soon as she is about to close the site, Clyde shows her a banner with a special offer.

All Meghan needs to do is leave your email and purchase your slippers at a good price. And she does it.

And now exactly the end ?! Of course not. Clyde is tricky, he received an email and profile on the heroine’s social networks. She invites her to send a second batch of slippers for her review, simple, but still slippers.

Meghan agrees, feedback received and allowed for public use.

Well, now? Now the final ?! NO! Our entrepreneur, deciding to earn all the money in the world, takes a tip to Meghan and launches it for all her friends.

As a result, Meghan’s friends see a familiar face and understand that their life without slippers that Meghan herself recommends will not be the same … Curtain … ”.

The story with Meghan could go on and on, because by its email, Clyde could find a similar audience.

Using the look-a-like technique (search for a similar audience in the list of your contacts (clients)). But in order not to make a whole book out of it, I’ll still stop.


Targeted advertising is a necessity of our time. That is why advertising on television, radio and billboards has fallen so much in price.

There is no way to identify people for certain characteristics. They are there, of course, but very blurry.

The advantages of using spot advertising are easy to see. But any medal always has two sides.

Therefore, among the minuses of spot advertising are the following:
constant base burnout (which means a constant search for a new one);
difficult to isolate people who need your product right now;
and not always 1-2 signs are indicative, there is a possibility of a mistake.

You can enjoy the greatest opportunities of targeted advertising in social networks. But as follows from the examples above, this can be easily implemented as well. Through advertising search engines, e-mail services and other online advertising channels.

Targeted advertising is also in offline space. For example, you can send real letters to certain people based on questionnaires. Which you have gathered in your company.

But as you have already guessed, this is a routine exercise, and most importantly, it is almost impossible to automate.

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