What is a good conversion rate for a landing page


Average website conversion. Since we are developers of Landing Page selling sites, the most frequent question we get at the stage of cooperation discussion is“what will be the average conversion of the site?”

At this point, the customer wants to get an answer from the series “Average conversion will be 23,57634%”.

But in reality everything is different, we have a long and probably even tedious tell why we can not say the exact figure of the conversion.

And we close all this with the phrase”actually there is no website conversion”. I’m about to reveal a sinister secret. But I’ll start with what you want to hear.


landing page conversion
The average conversion rate falls

Due to many factors, even two identical sites advertised in different cities of the state may have radically different conversions.

So when you will be something to guarantee, you know, you are deceived. I want you to understand exactly why we say that.

Let’s first determine what constitutes conversion and what affects it.

And here we will not talk about the factors that depend on the development Studio. It’s about the ones the studios can’t influence.

The quality and quantity of traffic

You can drive traffic from 30 people a day, or you can drive traffic from 1,300 people a day. Accordingly, the conversion will be very different.

At least, because with low traffic only hot customers are selected, ready to buy right here and now.

In the second case, added and warm and cool, and warm-cool and even cold customers, which also need to work.

For example, through the same e-mail marketing, but, anyway, the indicators they spoil.

By the way, for those who can not decide or do not know how to increase traffic. Read the article “how to increase website traffic: methods that work exactly”.

Image/brand/reputation of our company

Your company can know everything on the territory of sales and just go to you because they trust.

And you may not know and, even with the coolest offer, will bypass the party. As fear takes over.

The same can happen if your company has already managed to “break the wood”, and is now trying to restore reputation. Which, unfortunately, does not return so quickly.


Each city has its own atmosphere, its districts, its Brooklyn, its Manhattan. And each city has its own specifics. And from practice we know that the city-discord.


You can be a monopolist in the market, but you can on the contrary be in the scarlet ocean with a non-competitive business.

Moreover, the number and quality of competitors in different cities is different. Very different.

As a rule, the client not only compares companies among the Internet space, but also captures different sources of information.

Product/Unique offer/prices

You may have a good and tasty offer, but if a competitor sells 30-50% cheaper, it is likely that you will lose in the fight against dumping. But the price is not the only reason to steal your customers.

So be always ready for the fact that today you can have a lot of applications, and tomorrow the competitor makes a stronger offer, call to action, introduces a new line of products and… I Think everything is clear.

The General situation on the market

The crisis was and will be, and even probably always is. And the purchasing power falls, the demand falls, and therefore the supply falls, due to the lack of the first.

Yes, and it can happen that just died out your technology, as previously died technology access to the Internet via a telephone line (modem), replaced by wired Internet (optics).

But do not think that everything always just falls. There are niches where demand is growing every day. And it can also affect the distribution of the market for different products and solutions.

Call to action

By making a call on the site “Leave the application and get the Iphone 6”, your conversion will grow and will be as in the vote for the President.

126% of 100 possible (nothing against the President). Is that fair? Of course not. After all, these are not applications, but “freeloaders”.

For example, our experience-we made a button “free test drive of one service” and” Get a commercial offer”, the difference in performance was 4 times and it seems to be great!

But! At the same time, we attracted a lot of unnecessary traffic, which took time, energy, resources that we would better direct to the right customers.


It’s not all your fault. There are other factors that can be influenced by the website development Agency. And conversion also depends on it.

Advertising channel

Of great importance are the channels and methods of advertising on the Internet. Much will depend on the chosen site.

For example, in our sales scripts Google Ads gives a higher result than the search. A targeted advertising in the social. the networks proved to be almost completely useless.

The opposite situation was shown by the niche of training in eyelash extensions, where the promotion of business in social networks gave the best result.


You can make very cool titles, pictures, videos in the ad, which will attract a large number of people.

And you can make even cooler pictures with a mystery that will attract even more traffic. But the conversion will drop.

Because the traffic will be less targeted, because they just caught the message, but they were not looking for your service and they just do not need it.


What is a landing page conversion rate?
How do you calculate average conversion rate?

That is, based on the text above, we can conclude that asking the developers “What will be the average conversion of my website or landing page” is almost useless.

It would be more correct to ask and aim at the cost of the application, but it’s not as simple as we would like. To calculate the cost of the application, and even better the cost of sales, you need to know the entire sales funnel:

  1. CTR Of your ad (the ratio of ads shown and visits to the site);
  2. Cost per click / transition;
  3. Conversion on the site (here’s the problem, because if you did the site yourself on the designer for landing pages), the conversion is impossible to predict;
  4. Conversion to sales (the ratio of received orders to actual sales).

Based on this, we still rest on the fact that we need to know the result of your site. But once again and even take this fat:

Important! It is more reasonable to count the number, quality and cost of targeted applications. Since the conversion of the website, you can cheat!


I do not shy away from the answer and do not try to shield us as developers, I just want to convey the idea that everything is too individual.

But still, to the topic of the article justified itself, I will lay out a very rough table of averages with average traffic and other averages.
This information is created on the basis of our experience and the experience of colleagues of large companies:

  • Opt 10-25%
  • Retail 3-5%
  • Services in b2b (for business) 2-6%
  • Services in b2c (for end customers) 5-8%
  • Subscription page (infobusiness) 10-15%
  • The rest 0.1-20%


And now it’s just brain-breaking information. Attention. Are you sitting? Site conversion does not exist. I did not lie to you when I wrote about it above. I cooked, and even some words and sections have hinted at this idea.

So, it is correct to say traffic conversion.

Let me explain. You can read the text below and choose for yourself.
And for this, let’s imagine such a situation.

You have a website and you run 3 types of traffic on it: targeted advertising in social networks, contextual advertising and seo marketing.

Each channel has its own indicators:

  1. Targeted advertising in social networks-100 people came in, 1 left a request (1% conversion);
  2. Contextual advertising-100 people came, 15 left the application (15% conversion);
  3. SEO promotion landing — 100 people gone, 30 left the application (30% conversion).

Question. What is the conversion?

The logical answer is to add all the indicators and divide into three channels. But is this correct? Of course not.

After all, if we studied Analytics in this way, we would never know that the traffic from social networks brings us a minus to the company.

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So now, gentlemen, we are not talking about the average conversion of the site, and the conversion of traffic. You’re a professional now.

And in our practice there are paranormal phenomena, namely landing in the wholesale sphere with TRAFFIC conversion (contextual advertising) 45%.

As well as landing pages in quite popular topics, but barely reaching 1%. And all this, provided that everywhere used plus or minus the same technology.

Therefore, this figure, as a clear figure, no more than a myth. And the best solution when creating a website will be based only on the hypothesis. As strange as that sounds.

Or if you want to be deceived, you can believe in the promises and experience of the company or the experience of competitors.

And here “deceived”? If you carefully read the article, you will understand what I say 😉

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