Do landing pages work?


The difference of the landing site from which to choose? What kind of fashion I went, wherever you spit everywhere one-page sites. You’re not going anywhere. I have to constantly scroll down and down.

And the opposite, down on this website to the end, and then boom stalled and Here it is friends, a dead end. What we need! As paradoxical as that sounds.

We need that the client did not go on the website, we need that he as soon as possible made the decision, made target action (ordered calculation, issued the order, left the request for departure of the expert and so on)

And did not travel on the site as a resort, not in a hurry. On this it was already possible to close the question “what is better site or landing?” but it’s not that simple.

Landing Pages vs Web Pages
Landing pages, are a different tool than web pages of a site.


I often hear the question: “on what grounds can you distinguish the site from the landing?”. Good question, because for the average person, not in-depth in terms are one and the same.

So I’ll start with a General idea of what the landing and then, I think everything will fall into place.

Landing page is a one-page website, the purpose of which is to capture customer contact information for further processing by their sales Manager.

Do you hear?

The purpose of a single page is to initially capture the contact and generate a basic interest that your managers will develop and convert into a deal.

The most important mistake of all owners who decided to develop such page for the favourite company.

This is what they are waiting for sales from these sites. To the visitor left information, they called and only found out where to send the goods / invoice.

Landing pages
Landing Pages website templates

The difference of the landing site from comparison

Of course it’s possible. When the client takes and immediately buys. But for that you must have either a very cheap product.

When a person practically does not hesitate, or you have it very well warmed up. For example, using e-mail newsletter or promotion in social networks.


Let’s still compare and find out what is the difference between a landing page and a regular site. Weigh the pros and cons, all the pros and cons.

And you decide whether you need this kind of site. Or you need to leave this idea to better times, well, or for another business.

Two businesses are better than one, right?

Landing page pros and cons

  • Higher conversion from visitor to contact
  • A large number of applications, but less interested
  • The information is delivered briefly, and the basic meanings
  • Does not detract from the target action
  • Rapid build, which means fast start sales
  • Impossible mass promotion via SEO
  • Causes less trust
  • Not the best option for company news
  • High knowledge of human behavior and Internet marketing

The usual site pros and cons

  • Less high conversion of visitor into contact
  • Fewer applications, but more interested
  • It is possible to post the most complete information
  • Many go and in the end can forget why they came
  • Slow creation, which means a long start of sales
  • Perhaps mass promotion via SEO
  • s more credible
  • Ideal for company news
  • Basic knowledge of human behavior and Internet marketing


Me, as a developer of landing pages, it is better not to ask what is better site or landing. But since I am the author of this blog, then I have to say about it.

I will try to draw a conclusion as cold-blooded as possible. And for the purity of the recommendation, we will analyze each sphere separately.


If you have a wholesale, it’s great if you have a landing page, and a regular business card website (or online store, for example). Since they will solve different problems.

A landing page is to collect potential customers through your calls to action.

And, the site or the same online store, will already monetize those people. Who you already are customers or want to become them after communicating with the Manager.

We practice this scheme quite often. Even very often. And the best sequence is the traffic of new people on the landing with the forms of capture.

Where people after filling out the form get to the online store, and we in turn get the data.


The most popular area where the most commonly used single-page site, instead of multi-page. Because if the company provides services, then most likely they are not more than 3-6.

And they all go within the same sphere. In this case, the meaning of the site, as the information not so much for its content.

But the landing page can just combine it all within itself. That is, in this case we can definitely say that the landing is better.

The best solution, though not the most financially profitable, is to make a separate landing page for each of the services.

And thanks to such actions, you will be able to safely attract different people to separate pages, where they will find all the answers to their questions.

When in the framework of a full-fledged site, it will not be logical to do so, because the starting information is always on the main page.


As we said above, the main task of such a site is to convert a visitor into a contact or a deal.

And this type of site can be adapted to almost any business, but there is one exception that you need to be careful. These are retail stores with a large number of goods.

It is more correct to tell that for retail shops the one — page site-not the best option. Unless you are selling the same product in different models (no more than 10). For example, artificial Christmas trees.

In all other cases, make it an online store will not work, and a small amount of goods will not be so strongly motivate to buy. When initially a person is looking for an assortment.

Although we have solved this problem once and still made a selling site for this type of store, and out of the situation as follows:

Made on the landing form capture ” Get a personalized bonus card.” And it worked very positively.

If you are not sure about your niche, you can use the designer to create landing pages.

This will help you test the applicability of such a site. And then decide to order a full development of the landing page or not.

Landing page can be done on the constructor itself and it will cost you
100 times cheaper. Three best designers for any direction.


Again! Selling page or landing page is suitable for all businesses. The only thing you need to understand before developing is its purpose and goals.


Though short, but we discussed the difference of the landing page from the website of mnohostranne. And to draw some line, let’s sum up, and once again analyze the situation in which exactly the landing will be better:

You are a large company and you have a service that you want to allocate separately (put on a separate site with a separate flow of customers);

You just start, you need to start quickly and get the application tomorrow;
You are a company that needs a website as a business card of the company with an additional function ” contact capture”;

And most importantly, you want a site that is of primary interest and “forces” the client to leave their contact details, which will later be processed by the sales Department.

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