The Formula or model AIDA: Rules for creating Advertising

The AIDA formula in your marketing. In marketing, there are immortal themes that roam from century to century.

That’s just to these topics include advertising formula selling articles, landing pages, leaflets, banners, ads, however, all advertising materials called AIDA.

Besides the fact that now we will analyze this model in detail with examples, so we will also consider its improved version.


In the realities of business, few people use this formula. Although, in General, few people use any formula in their marketing. I’ll Tell you what’s wrong.

Because in fact, to create a fundamental base of advertising materials, you only need to know 3 formulas. Let’s start studying one of them.

Aida formula is a marketing model that has been around for over 120 years (!!!) successfully used in the creation of all, without exception, advertising materials.

This is a very successful and useful advertising model. very useful,


We say: “AIDA is used in the creation of all materials”. Sounds intriguing. And it’s not embellishment. This is a fact that we will confirm further. But first, let’s look at the abbreviation. You guessed that each letter is a whole word?!

  • A-attention
  • I-interest
  • D-desire
  • A-action

As you know, the sequence of execution is strict from beginning to end. No rearrangements. The whole methodology is based on the psychology of the human body.

Therefore, it should be treated with great respect. And without a detailed study of the target audience it makes no sense to start all this action.


If you know and follow at least one of these letters, you will be a super-marketer.

Since because of the huge number of advertising in the world formed a problem called “Advertising blindness”.

If you attract attention with your ideas, you can say that half of the work is done. Half, because the average person, according to scientists, sees 3,000 advertising messages a day.

Feel the volume of competition? Although I think the figure is exaggerated, I think more real for a person is about 500 advertising designs. But this is also not enough.

Therefore, the ability to attract attention is an art.

The development of the AIDA model
Originally developed for structuring sales negotiations

To test You, answer me the question:

1. “How can you attract attention?”.

There are many ways. But most at this point are talking about the calling title. This is also the correct answer, which works very well.

But the headline is not the only way to make the client stay on your material longer. And certainly part of the other ways you even used. Here are a few other ways to break through ” ad blindness”:

1. Color;
2. Dynamic elements;
3. Unusual shape;
4. Strange location;
5. Sound;
6. Smell.

But let’s practice on the headline, it’s the easiest thing to do for a classic business.

What is the title catchy?

Well, at least the one that has the words from the category “Free”,” Attention”, “Important”. These words very much. But this does not mean that you need to start with them always. That as an option. You can make the implementation simpler, but no less effective, for example:

1. How to get my husband back if he went to another;
2. One medicine for life;
3. Printer without ink;
4. We will sell your apartment for 7 days or buy it ourselves.

I don’t claim the Best headline of the year award because I’m going back. The title is based on the problems, fears or decisions of a specific target audience.
And here shot from a gun on sparrows. But if you are interested in the topic of headlines, then read our article ” how to write headlines: 6 formulas how to make them catchy” and in addition “Unique trade offer: do not be afraid to stand out”.


When you have made the most difficult part of advertising – attracted attention, you need to fix it. For a person to show interest in further study and spend their insanely expensive moments of life.

By the way, bill gates (founder of Microsoft) minute costs — 6 659 dollars.

1. In the case of an advertising article, attention is paid to the title, and interest-the first paragraphs.
2. In selling video attention is the first 3 seconds, and interest-the next 10-30.
3. In the case of sites, attention is drawn to the first screen, and the interest of the second screen:

Maintain interest
How does the AIDA model work?

We can generate interest in different ways. Applying what I wrote above, this is just an example of implementation.

After all, for example, on the same Landing page, you can awaken interest, as at the expense of the second screen where the fears of the client will be described. And by the subtitle, and even a short video.

But we can say for sure that at this stage the client should understand the vital need to study your advertising further.

You have to create a thought for him – “This is what I’ve been looking for” or “I need it now.” And the phrase “always the appetite comes during a meal” does not fit here. A customer without “interest” will simply leave if You can not arouse his interest.


Attention was attracted, there is interest, it’s time to move on to the product itself. For easier comprehension, you can call it “presentation”.

Then everything falls into place. At this stage, you need to talk about the properties-advantages-benefits of the product.

If we are talking about a leaflet on ” Investing in the stock market.” It is possible in this case to show and tell that it is an easy way of earnings. That in a month you can already relax on the sea, drink Pina Colada and fry your heels in the sun.

What is the AIDA concept in marketing?
What is the AIDA formula for advertising?

BUT! This is assuming that people have never heard about it. At a different level of awareness, there must be other selling triggers. So do not forget about the stairs Hunt, it is in this block has a strong influence.

In the case of a commercial offer, you can “wish” to present through several blocks, as the size allows. This will help to better convey the information to the client. As they say, all chew for him.


The most simple and logical step that you need to do not only in this formula. But in General, in any sale, regardless of where it takes place, on a business card or on the phone. This step is called a ” Call to action”.

Definitely! Definitely! Definitely! It is necessary in all promotional materials at the end to say what you need to do to the client to get what you say:

1. call,
2. write,
3. visit log,
4. or just do a back flip.

In addition to direct calls to buy, you can use the intermediate stages:

What is the AIDA concept in marketing?
How To Use The AIDA Formula

1. “Get a commercial offer”,
2. “Get a free trial batch”
3. “Go for a test drive.”


In the beginning I told you that I will give an advanced version of AIDA. Here it is. Just add at the end of the letter S (Satisfy) and get satisfaction, or rather it gets the client.

It is interpreted as follows. You promised the client not crumpled fabric, he bought it, and it does not crumple. All right, mission accomplished. Although it looks obvious.

What is Aidas formula?
What does the AIDA principle stand for in regard to promotions?

But if the fabric is wrinkled. In this case, there is no satisfaction from the purchase, the formula AIDAS did not work. And most likely to keep the client will not work.

But if you look at the other side, the formula AIDA showed a good result, the client bought. What is important to You, decide for yourself, but I for AIDAS. After all, the LTV indicator has not been canceled.


I am shocked that this formula is already 120 years old, and it is still one of the fundamental and basic in the field of selling materials in marketing.

But even during this time it is still one does not normally have learned to use. This means that you have weapons of mass destruction in your hands. Just take and implement.

Of course, there are other models of advertising, which also need to know and use in their practice.

But going back to the previous paragraph, start with the formula AIDA. And then, when you deal with it, you can move on to the next “advertising on ODC technology.”

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