How can I sell better?


The main offer in the business, what it is and how to create it. Sometimes you get acquainted with the company and from the first contact you want to become their client.

This impulse decision is influenced by dozens of different elements of the business, and that are not only marketing.

But anyway, if you ask a client with a “cold” head to say what influenced his decision, we will hear: “Offer”.

In the professional sphere, it is called the main offer. What it is and how to create it, of course with examples, I will tell in this article.


The more money you invest to attract one client, the weaker your offer. The more you make movements, the weaker Your main offer.

These phrases do not need to be taken literally. But conceptually, they convey the right idea that many are trying to sell a raw, poorly packaged business and product.

Since the word “offer ” is rarely used in everyday business communication, we will first determine what it is from the right point of view.

And also how it differs from the unique trade offer and shares with which it is often confused.

And then we will create and create the main offer for your business.

What Is an Offer?
What Is an Offer? – Small Business Law

The offer is the main reason why the customer should buy Your product.

First example:

Search for hotels around the world with exclusive discounts of up to 60%.
A unique trade offer is a distinctive benefit of the client, which he will receive only From you.

Second example:

For every day that passes, we’ll pay you $ 30.
Shares-a short-term event to stimulate demand.

Third example:

Only until 31 December each meter curtains increases the discount by 5%.
The examples immediately show the difference: an offer is a global description of your offer.

USP is a part of the offer, and the offer is from another Opera.

If you go mass building in business:

1. The first thing you need to decide on your proposal.
2. Then work on your unique distinction,
3. And only then move on to the shares.

But as practice shows, everything comes in reverse order.

The main offer in business the correct order

I also want to draw your attention to the fact that we are talking about the packaging of your proposal.

If initially your product is weak, then you have nothing to do here. But since we write for existing businessmen.

By default, we believe that you are doing well and it remains only to submit it under the right angle.


Before we move on to practice, we will study 4 levels of proposals. Each of the levels is a step up and you must constantly strive to rise above.

The main difference between one level and another — their detail and depth. That is why immediately move to the last stage will not work due to lack of experience and understanding of the sphere.

Important! Below are not the final versions of the offers, but only examples for understanding each level.

Level 1 ” Our work”

Initial offer, from which everyone starts working. It is expressed in the description of what you do.

For example:

1. Furniture to order.
2. Courses for pregnant women.
3. Women’s clothing store.
4. Supply of construction materials.

In these offers the client does not see any value and essence of Your offer.

Most often, companies that use the first level offer, or the cheapest on the market. Since not able to compete with others, or Vice versa the most expensive.

Because their company with the product is so powerful and popular that the improved offer will have almost no impact on the final results.

Level 2 “Benefit”

Your next level is when you think how Your suggestion can be improved with added value.

As a result, you get:

1. Custom-made furniture made of natural wood.
2. Women’s clothing store with author’s collections.
3. Delivery of construction materials in 2 hours from the moment of a call.
4. Courses for pregnant women from practicing obstetricians.

You can have one benefit or several. We can say for sure that they all come from the needs of the client.

Therefore, when forming It, you need to rely not on your feelings and thoughts, but on the words of customers.

To do this, it is desirable to conduct a small analysis of the market, as the final decision depends on the speed of development of your company.

Level 3 “Result”

I congratulate you, You are very close to perfection. Now you are not selling a product or service, but the result that the client will receive.

All as in the hackneyed marketing phrase:”the Client buys not a drill, but a picture on the wall.

For example:

1. Custom-made furniture made of natural wood. Your legacy and status.
2. Author’s clothing store. You will be unique and unrepeatable.
3. Courses for pregnant women from practicing obstetricians. 9 out of 10 give birth naturally.

Now you need to literally read the thoughts of your customers, as it is very difficult to form the benefits and the result at once.

And, note, not always the result is something measurable. Sometimes it can be a bit blurred, as some spheres are “soft” (professional term).

And they can only give a landmark without numbers. But we try to be as specific as possible to increase confidence in such a proposal.

Level 4 “Global”

If we look globally at any business, we will see that in fact we do not make a person better, but a person.

Your business should be aimed at achieving this goal. It is very difficult to realize this idea, and it is even more difficult to apply in practice.

In addition, for many businesses it is generally not peculiar in its field of activity.

I’ve seen a few examples from this level, and most of them are big corporations. you can afford instead of the usual long time of money, to put a more global goal.

But I still try to show examples from small business:

1. Family restaurant. A place for your values.
2. Author’s clothing store. Your future depends on what you’re wearing.

This kind of offer is very similar to the slogan or short mission of the company.
Based on this, there is a problem — it may not be perceived on behalf of a small company, because it gives increased self-confidence.

And if it says a large network or a global Corporation, everything will be taken with a Bang.


Finding an offer or forming it is not a two — minute task, especially if you have not touched it before.

In this case, I give you ready-made technology in the form of formulas with examples. Where You replace the variables you want to insert your scope or benefit of the client + a little to turn your head and imagination.

Thus, the question of how to make a selling offer will disappear by itself.

Important! To get a really strong offer, you need to combine several techniques at once. Do not try to take only one and stop there.

1. The withdrawal of an objection.

You first write the offer, and then increase its testing of the main objections customers.

Example 1: installation of plastic Windows. Pay any amount above cost.
Instance 2: light bulb Shop. If burned, we will come and replace with a new one within the warranty period.
Example 3: online Shoe store. Bring 3 sizes of shoes to choose from, pay only one.
Instance 4: Drilling water wells. Fixed cost for any depth.

2. Guarantee.

The customer gets 100% confidence in the result or quality of their purchase.

Example 1: salt bath Franchise. You will return your investment in 100 days or get all the money back.
Instance 2: custom Wallpapers. If within 3 years the paint will fade, we will replace everything for free.
Example 3: delivery of goods. Get the goods on time or all year use our services for free.

3. Wide choice.

We focus on the fact that we have a very large selection (often used in retail and wholesale).

Example 1: flower Shop. More than 15 types of roses are always available.
Instance 2: home delivery Pizza. 30 fillings, 5 sizes and 4 types of dough.
Example 3: children’s toy Store. 2000 toys for girls and 3000 toys for boys.

4. Expertise.

You refer to your experience and thereby improve your offer.

Example 1: Plastic surgery from doctors with more than 20 years of experience.
Instance 2: sales training From the author of the bestseller ” Sell with your eyes.”
Example 3: bid for tender support. More than 1000 applications have been completed.

5. Niche.

Your narrow positioning may already be your suggestion (but it is better to strengthen).

Example 1: interior decoration of SIP-houses.
Instance2: teeth whitening Studio.
Example 3: women’s white blouse Shop.

6. Test-drive.

Give the customer a free first step to make sure the quality of your offer.

Example 1: Fitness club. The first week of training with a coach is free.
Instance 2: car interior. Take the car for a week and then decide on the purchase.
Example 3: Music school. Teach the first song for free.

7. Low cost.

Favorite (read as “forced”) proposal of many entrepreneurs on the basis of dumping.

Example 1: building Materials at wholesale prices.
Instance 2: clothing Store. Famous brands with discounts up to 90%.

8. Financial benefit.

Everyone wants to either earn more or spend less. This is the basis of this technique.

Example 1: 1C-accounting. Reduce costs by 30% by optimizing your accounting.
Instance 2: recruitment. Get an employee who will pay for itself in the first 3 months.
Example 3: landing page Constructor. Make your own website and save $ 750 on it.

9. Extra bonus.

The client receives a gift in the form of goods or services to the main purchase.

Example 1: Iphone Repair. When repairing the protective glass as a gift.
Instance 2: men’s classic costume Shop. Studio services for size adjustment free of charge.

10. Evidence.

Your proposal is supported by social proof.

Example 1: Italian restaurant. We have Al Pacino for lunch.
Instance 2: Car Service. 60% of owners of German cars Audi, BMW, Mercedes in New York choose our service.

11. Technology or technique.

You can build an offer based on your approach or equipment.

Example 1: carpet cleaning on professional equipment worth $ 76447.
Instance 2: Quest room with virtual reality glasses.
Example 3: The best weight loss program “Weight Watchers”.

12. Free assistance.

You help your customer to solve certain stages of Your product.

Instance 1: Accounting services. Toll-free hotline for oral issues.
Example 2: Insurance company. We will select the best conditions for MetLife from 99 companies for free.

13. Quality.

The simplest technique for creating a proposal based on an Association trigger.

Example 1: Massage parlor. Masters from Thailand.
Instance 2: pizza Chain. Tasty, as in Italy.

14. Speed.

Show how to achieve results in a shorter time.

Example 1: Japanese language Courses. Start speaking Japanese in 3 months instead of two years.
Sample 2: Mechanized (machine) plaster. The next day you can already paint.

15. Exclusivity.

Only what You have and no one else.

Example 1: real estate Agency. Selection of apartments on a closed base.
Sample 2: Household appliances. Exclusive representative in New York.

The right offer should be formed on the basis of the target audience. Otherwise it will offer to a loved one.

And in business, measuring is the same as driving blindly. Only after analyzing the real criteria for choosing a client, you can understand what you need and you can put pressure on.


Every business should have a main offer and the word “must” is not accidental. That is the only question that you have is: “what offer?”.

Based on the techniques I’ve told you, you can design your proposal that will immediately convey the idea to the customer — WHAT you’re selling and WHY he should buy it.

Finally I want to sum up. After all, Your brain can take you to far-distant lands, where no one has ever returned.

But seriously, you need to take into account the main criteria of a successful proposal when forming your promise.

Since breaking one of them you risk to reduce All your efforts to nothing. As they say, to break-not to build.

  1. I see. Your proposal the easy on perception of.
  2. Plausibly. The client will immediately believe what you promise.
  3. Advantageously. The proposal voiced benefits and usefulness.
  4. Client-oriented. The client approach is used.

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