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Types of Motivation: What are the types of motivation?

Types of motivation: different classifications. It often happens that a person who has set a goal does not have enough motivation. And in some moments it is necessary.

In order to do more than you need, and in a variety of variations. On this topic I would like to talk in this article.

Types of motivation are quite diverse

And therefore their classification can be carried out on different grounds.

The main types of motivation

Types of motivation depending on the form of creation:

Natural motivation-this motivation comes to a person due to any natural circumstances.

For example, a man walked for a long winter evening and very cold and hungry. His motive will be the need to quickly get to the house, where it is warm and there is food.

Artificial motivation-it is created specifically for artificial suggestion. This can be well demonstrated by the example of our television. We are constantly instilled that we need to buy some goods. Or act in some direction.

The main types of motivation
Artificial motivation

Then advertise tea for weight loss so we went and bought it. That constantly try to force to take a mortgage in Bank at favorable interest rates.

How many fools do not motivate, the maximum that you will achieve is a motivated fool. Jim Rohn

Types of motivation depending on the source of origin:

External motivation — this type of motivation is not related to the content of any particular figure and is created at the expense of external circumstances.

Very often, external motives are also called incentives, because their purpose is to stimulate certain actions or behavior of the subject.

For example, your friend managed to create a passive income on the Internet of $3000. This kind of motivation can serve as the beginning of your actions to study income on the Internet and in General to learn what passive income is.

In this regard, it will be useful to start reading these articles to the WTO, and then take up real action.

Intrinsic motivation is motivation that is not related to extrinsic circumstances. And with the internal motives of the subject, which are called motivations or motives.

Let’s say you don’t really like the way your body looks and it encourages you to go in for sports. For beginners in this business need the right training program that will bring the effect in the first weeks of classes.

Types of motivation depending on the quality of incentives:

Positive motivation is a type of motivation based on positive incentives. It is often referred to as stimulation, i.e. the creation of positive incentives to achieve a certain goal.

Such as:

  1. Improving efficiency,
  2. Performances,
  3. Sales volume.

The main forms of this type of motivation are usually various awards, bonuses, allowances, praise and so on.

For example, if the sales volume of the store is more than $3 000 000, all employees will receive bonuses.

Negative motivation-this motivation is based on negative incentives. In this case, the actions of negative motivation encourage a person to work, because the fear of non-fulfillment of obligations will serve as a punishment. And want to avoid it and proceed to certain actions.

There are a lot of forms of negative motivation. It can be a fine, or it can be imprisonment or physical punishment.

Most of all, people are afraid to remain in social isolation, when a group ignores a person after failing to fulfill a task.

If we consider all kinds of motivation, it is not very effective, because it stimulates for a very short period. Such motivation strongly affects the person if he is sure of inevitability of punishment.

Types of motivation depending on the need for reinforcement:

Sustainable motivation — the one that is based on the needs of the person and it does not require additional reinforcement.

Motivation is unstable — always require additional reinforcement.

In addition, it is possible to classify motivation on several grounds:

Material-is the desire of a person to achieve a certain prosperity or financial independence.

Labor is an internal motivation of a person, which is based on working conditions, content and organization of the labor process.

Status-a type of motivation that is associated with the desire to get a higher position or other social status.

There’s nothing more stimulating than when things don’t go right.Sherlock Holmes


In this article I have considered a fairly large number of types of motivation. We also determined their classification and characteristics of different species.

I can say for myself that the most effective type of motivation is internal motivation. If the desire to achieve the goal or any status within you and burns constantly, there is nothing to stop.

All other species should only complement and strengthen your motivation. Always try to understand what motivates you in life? How strong is this motivation. If you choose the wrong type of motivation can not reach the goal. Motivate yourself always by yourself!

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