Your unique selling proposition

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

USP! USP! USP! It sounds like a curse if you do not know what it is. And in fact it is a very useful topic in business. For use in marketing, advertising and sales. It helps the company to stand out from the competition.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

I would say to wipe their nose to some extent. But first things first, otherwise it seems simple at first glance. Everything is much more complicated than you think, and even more useful than you imagine.

USP what is it?

I will answer your dumb question what is ut. In fact, it stands for a unique selling proposition.

The definition of this term looks like this – this is your unique difference from another company or other products, for which the client can distinguish you and say: “Wow, this is the offer!”.

Such an emotion, of course, is difficult to achieve, but nothing is impossible.

Gentlemen, we will not delve into theory for a long time. All you need to know about the unique trade offers. This is what distinguishes companies from the general background. And to quickly understand whether you have it or not, just answer one of the questions right now:

What makes you different from other companies / products?
Why should I choose your company / product?
Usually at this moment there is a short, 5 second pause, after which, as a rule, the options known to everyone follow:

  1. High quality;
  2. Good service;
  3. Flexible terms
  4. And my very favorite is an individual approach.

Just do not say that you answered as well ?! I beg you! After all, it is fatal if your sales specialists, including you, respond to your customers like this. Because thousands of other companies around the world are responding that way.

Convince & Convert
Unique Selling Proposition

How, then, to choose? Who is the best on the market?

That’s right, especially because of where you liked most for some subjective sensations. This, of course, is also good. True, the systemic growth of the company in this case can not be said.

We have decided that you urgently need to read this article further, since your answers and so, should be in business by default.

This is the same if the restaurant writes: “We have the most delicious food”, it seems that in all other places the waiters say: “Sirs, we have not very tasty food, but what music, what music!”. Poorly! Poorly! Bad … Well, you already understood that without me.


I have two important thoughts for you to dot the i.

  • USP is not the ACTION
  • USP is not a positioning

Let us analyze more thoroughly, so that in the future there is no confusion. As in the Internet, all give examples of UTs and do not understand that this is rather a positioning or action than our “hero of the occasion”.

Unique selling proposition USP
position in the marketplace

Further action. This, of course, is also your difference, only it is temporary, and not permanent.

Therefore, it cannot be said that your unique difference is that you give the second thing when you buy. Any other company can do this in seconds. And even more so, when the action ends, you will be left with nothing.

In other words, the USP (as well as positioning) can always be used in the design of business cards, on employees’ clothes, on billboards and other media. Yes, in any form of advertising appeal, and it does not lose relevance.

The stock (offer) cannot always be used, since it has the principle of burnout and replacement with another.

Positioning is a more global topic. This is not necessarily your difference, it is rather your place in the market, which should not always distinguish you, but at the same time should characterize.

My favorite and clear example is the Volvo car, their positioning is “Safety”. Is this a difference? Of course not. This is their accent. But a unique difference for them can be a car, for example, with 8 wheels.


Now probably you have chaos in your head from thoughts in the style “How to make a unique selling proposition? How to figure out how to do it, how to arrange it ?! ”.

Develop a Unique Selling Proposition
So what exactly is a unique selling proposition

I will reassure you a little by the fact that the creation of the USP has certain principles. Therefore, I want to warn you about several important nuances that will help formulate an armor-piercing proposal:

You need to know your company and your product VERY well to make a really good offer. Therefore, the drafting of new employees with new employees is not a good idea. Although part of the new ones should be, so to speak, a fresh look.

You need to know your target audience VERY well, as ideally, the formation of the USP should, first of all, be based on the criteria for choosing a client, those that are really important for them.

So you coped with the general theory. Now the development of a unique sales offer you will not be afraid. To help you, below is a compilation instruction and UT formulas.

1. Creative

The solution is partly the simplest and yet, in my opinion, not the best option. Due to the fact that your creative donkey is in the minds of consumers and perceived as a “truth”, you need to invest more than one hundred thousand rubles in advertising. Rather, you need to calculate the total in millions. And you need it?

Formula: [Creativity feature] + [Product]


Chocolate that melts in the mouth, not in the hands.

2. The BEST

Choose what you have the most in the company and blow it to the whole world. In any case, there is always someone who will do better. But while he does, it will take time and maybe more than one year.

Also be careful, in the direct spelling of the word “MOST” can not be used under the law on advertising. But to get around this nuance, you can use the tricks as in the examples.

Formula: [Most ____] + [Product]


The largest cup of coffee to take away in a coffee shop ___ – 1 liter!
The biggest guarantee for timing belts in New York * (according to 1,000 respondents at

3. Without

You need to know your customers well. Blah blah blah … I know that everyone is blowing about it. But if you do not know the client, you will not know what he is afraid of or what he fears. So, you can not make the following formula, which is based on the fear of the client.

Formula: [Product] + without + [customer fear]


Dishwashing liquid without chemicals.
Weight loss without going to the gym.
Roof construction without prepayment.

4. From

The same idea as in the third paragraph, only we say that in our product there is a breathtaking value, which is simply necessary for them. Again, we focus on what is important for the client.

Formula: [Product] + s + [added value]


Cream with a complex of vitamins E.
Air conditioning with the ability to work in the winter.

5. How / For

Personally, I do not really like this option, some kind of provincial or something. But still in some areas it is quite appropriate (dining rooms, small shops). And rather, I would refer this formula to positioning, rather than to a unique sentence, it is too vague. But still tell.

Formula: [Product / company] + how / for + [positive emotions]


Food is at home.
Shop for the little ones.

6. Property

Actually for those who have a technical feature that sets you apart from others. A feature that shows your scale or level.

By the way, the first example influenced my decision to go to that particular clinic. After all, I as a man in the street believed that the more powerful the X-ray machine, the clearer the picture will be. But he did not pay attention to the fact that the specialist who makes this X-ray is more important.

Formula: [Product / Company] + from / from / by / to / from + [property]


Clinic with magnetic resonance tomograph “3 Tesla”.
All shovels are made of pure titanium.

7. The only

If your product is one for a city, region, or even better for the United States, then it’s also worth it to blow everything up. Again, the minus is that it is not permanent. Although unless you are an official representative and you have exclusive rights to use your product.

Formula: [Sole] + [product / company] + [difference] + in [geography]


The only company providing a guarantee of 5 years for timing belts in the United States.
The only transforming chairs in New York.

8. Hidden procedures

In any business there are topics that do everything by default and do not talk about it. You just need to show it and serve under the right sauce.

And for that you need what? Remember?

It is very good to know your product and your company. People who work in it, equipment, processes, tools, raw materials, supplier of raw materials and everything else in this spirit.

Formula: [Product] + [hidden procedure]


Three degrees of hardening glass.
Non-combustible PVC tiles.

9. Warranty

Just tell the client that he will get the desired result, otherwise, you will return the money, redo it for free or make a gift.

Especially often this USP can be seen at info-businessmen. Although it can be used in any other business, for example, in construction it is possible to give a guarantee for meeting the deadlines.

Formula: [If _____] + [then ____]


If there is an increase in the estimate, then the additional costs at our expense.
If you do not like it, then we will return all the money.

10. Professional

The development of the USP of this type is the most difficult, although it is done in a very simple way.

You need to fully know and, most importantly, understand the client. Moreover, I personally believe that this is the best formula. It can be said to summarize all the previously studied and is based on the client’s benefit, on his selection criteria.

Formula: [Product] + [benefit]


Ferrari cars are assembled by hand only.
Pizza in 40 minutes or for free.
Apartments with planning for the order.


After creation, it seems that the best and do not think that this is the 8th wonder of the world. I’m not in a hurry to break your hopes, perhaps you are really right and have come up with something that will put the entire market “on your knees”.

This may well be, because as practice shows, all brilliant ideas come when you are not at all doing what you need.

And to be sure of this, go through the list of questions below and test your hypothesis for compliance with the realities.

Can you say the same about your competitors?

If you say that you produce products in 24 hours, when your competitors do it in the same time. This is not a great offer, it’s just a statement of fact.

Does it matter the client / hurt the client?

You can put pressure on creativity, but for me it is only for large companies, rather large ones. In the best case, you need to put pressure on the criteria of the client or on his emotions, and it does not matter whether it is positive or negative. If your promise does not hurt the client, then you need to change the situation.

Do you want to believe your difference?

If you really can show customers how to make a million in 5 minutes, then this is an incredibly great offer. Only here it is not at all believable. Therefore, it would be better to replace it with a term of “7 days”, which will be more credible.

How long will your USP be relevant?

USP is the difference “eternal”, and a temporary action. Therefore, it is very important that it does not happen that you inform everyone that you are not like everyone else. After 2 days, your competitor repeats this and a paradox occurs.

Does your sentence fit into 3-8 words?

Conciseness, ease – this is the key to success. The shorter your offer, the better, the easier it will fit in the heads of customers and it is easier for them to remember, and therefore use in relation to you.

Does your USP have a logical down side?

If you say: “We have the biggest houses”, then this is good, if only in the market another company can make a reverse offer “We have the smallest houses”. Otherwise, for example, in the premium segment, where everyone should have big houses by default, your offer will lose.


I want to write that the time has passed when you could do just “good” and people would go in droves. But this is not so; those who show impressive results in their work will always be different. But here is one bad luck, if the company is not big and especially new, then for the first time it is necessary to be different in order to escape from the rat race.

Now you have received a detailed response, and you know how to create a unique sales offer. At the same time, if you think that you can come up with a USP once and retire, then you are deeply mistaken. Competitors are not asleep. The most arrogant copy your know-how, less arrogant improve. And this, too, has a definite strategy for creating its own distinction.

I have everything on it, the game has begun, I wait for your answer in the comments to the question “How are you different from others?”

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