What is Web evaluation?

Web site evaluation criteria

Site evaluation criteria. You can always find a flaw in the work of another person. After all, the human factor has never been canceled.


That is why we love when we throw off sites that have been implemented in other companies for the purpose of audit and feedback on pressing matters.

And, as a rule, to find a dozen errors is not difficult. About exactly what are the evaluation criteria of the site we now discuss.


I want to say in advance that we are also not perfect, and also periodically make mistakes. The only thing that distinguishes us from many is that we are ready to receive feedback and to evaluate it with a cold eye.

I can’t say about others when they do not get that criticism at least a little guidance.

Site evaluation criteria criticism

Basic Evaluation Criteria.
Web Page Evaluation Criteria

That is why it is very important that you, too, like us, could look at your site not only in terms of “Beautiful”, but also in terms of selling part of it.

Otherwise it will be as in the quote of the company, which is no longer: “the Site is, but the customers are no more?!”.

Small deviation. The article focuses on the evaluation criteria of not just the site, but the landing page. But this does not mean that they are not suitable for the usual site, just need to be partially optimized.


In 100% form, we will not be able to make a full check-list of the site check with you now, because due to the specific nature of each sphere there are nuances.

Which will be able to see only a specialist in person. And it is impossible to become such a specialist in one article.

But still, we will highlight now the main areas of the site that you need to pay attention to. And look like they will not as a check-list that nobody uses, and in large categories.

1. Design

A lot of people argue whether design affects conversion or not. And our practice (including the practice of A/B tests) showed that the design needs to take into account four rules globally:

The design needs to be not terrible.

And this does not mean that you need to make it as beautiful as possible. As statistics have shown, design changes do not have much impact in a positive way.

Provided he wasn’t disgusting before and didn’t push people away. That is, he was neutral, not fish, not meat, as they say.

Of course, here you can start to resent, as any person in the first place, evaluates the site on the picture.

But here you need to clearly understand that FOR not an aesthete, the difference between beautiful and neutral is small.

The design should resonate with the target audience.

Here the most interesting and kind of funny. And all the joy is that we have seen how ugly sites attracted attention better than those that cause a wow-reaction.

And all because they were made not in the style of fashion trends, but in the style of those directions, colors, shapes that are available to the target audience and made under the avatar of the client.

The font should not be Times New Roman.

And the same goes for all other standard fonts. That is, your site should have a font not from the classic list, but it should also resonate with the audience.

Images should not be stock.

That’s the main problem with many sites. Especially in the block “Order a consultation”, where all the polls put the girl operator with a headset on his head. It looks pretty funny.

2. Usability

It’s pretty simple. You need to think not as the owner of the site, but as the user who first came to your site. And not just got, and looking for specific information.

And if you can easily find it in a few clicks, then consider the test passed. If this is a problem, I can say for sure, you need to fix it.

To determine whether everything is good or bad, you need to take a focus group. Preferably from your target audience, and give them a job to do a certain action on the site.

Either conduct “test Grandmother”, for this you need a one grandmother and your site. She just opens it and says, “Poizuchat our site see it”.

After the rite is successful, it is necessary to ask how everything was comfortable, what we liked, didn’t like, and all in this spirit.

If there are no such people, use webvisor and Google’s scrolling map. Which allow you to watch all the actions of visitors on your page.

It’s all free and most likely you have even included if you put yourself Yandex Metrica. It looks by the way.

Evaluative Criteria
Criteria for Evaluating Web Sites

As you understand, there are no standards in pure usability, different people are used to seeing different elements, in different places, and in different implementations. And this proves again our practice.

Where we see, as on some sites, some people on here is such quotes “”, reacts as on arrows. Who would have thought?! That is why there is nothing better than the usual test with ordinary people. And the more of them, the better.

3. Text style and errors

Mandatory evaluation criterion of the site is the text. Since this is the second source of information after the images. And therefore your writing needs to be, again, appropriate as images.

That is, they must be written in the words of customers, must take into account the properties-benefits-benefits. Your approach and it should not be standard. To do this, you should definitely learn how to write a sales letter.

Grammatical and punctuation errors, personally for our company, is the biggest problem. After us from time to time our readers take off the screens with them, we have in no way sure.

Although each of us at the beginning of the beat butt to the chest that he had five on the grammar. Well, it is obvious that for people who find them, such mistakes can be the last.

If he sees you, a lot of mistakes, as just take, disappointed and leave forever. Such, alas, happens.

4. Site content

Earlier sites -“intrigante” was a success, especially the landing. Where people was a novelty to see a form where you leave your details and then wait for the magic that is the call Manager.

Now we notice that on the contrary you need to try to play as openly as possible, and visitors make their decision in the direction of those companies that are not afraid and posted their prices, conditions, the team on the site.

Summing up on this block. After reading, you may get the feeling that the right portal is the one that reveals everything about yourself.

But this is not the case, you have to disclose 90 percent of the information, the rest to leave the client still decided to call you. What will be included in the remaining 10 percent, then all companies are different.


Do it yourself on the designer is 100 times cheaper

5. Typesetting

In practice, programming a marketer or supervisor rarely see, and that’s fine. Because everyone should do what he does.

But still, with poor layout (programming) of the site, it may not be displayed correctly, for a long time to load and not perform the required tasks.

Because of this, customers, in the truest sense of the word, get mad and leave. Because they immediately automatically believe your company is not reliable, once you even a normal site can not do.

Therefore, if your site looks bad from the point of view of the program code, it is better to close it from the eyes of people than it will be.

Although there is one option, but only if customers come from it, which can only be subject to the complete absence of competitors.

By the way, to check the site, you can use this service validator.w3.org ahhh! And just want to warn you, to achieve a complete absence of errors, we can say, it is impossible, and it makes no sense.

6. SEO-optimization

Quite a complex topic, because to go into seo marketing immediately is quite difficult. And I’m not even talking about optimization in General.

But you need to ensure that your site is adapted to key requests. And adapted for easy perception by search engines.

For example:

The site should load quickly and you can check it here developers.google.com

To be honest, I understand well in SEO and still give it to a specialist. Since:

1. first, this work is quite routine,
2. secondly, to understand it, you need to learn a lot of complex words (meta, robots, xml, h1, tags, tails, LF, etc.).)

All this takes a lot of time. Which is better to invest in other tasks for its intended purpose.

7. Updates.

Your website should have “life”. And it is that your site should not be like a dying Swan, which, judging by all the signs, is preparing for rest.

Usually such a sign among the sites is a news feed, which was updated a few years ago.

Or the old date at the bottom of the site, where they write its date of creation and action. Based on this, make sure you have no signs of aging the site because it repels customers.


Part of the article was a little General, but perhaps the topic itself implies that. After all, each criterion can still be painted on several articles.

I guess I’ll do that if there’s such a fuss. Ready to hear your comments where to start (write them below).

Well, I also want to remind you that everything is relative, and the fact that we compete within its sales territory.

This means that you may not need to look up to global brands and try to do the same as them.

It is better to start to analyze the sites of the main competitors and then decide what to do next.

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