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What is motivation and what is its purpose?

Every action in our life is dictated by a goal or motive. And to achieve them requires motivation. In this article I would like to talk about what motivation is, what is its purpose in everyone’s life and how to make it work for themselves.

What is motivation?

And we will begin of course with the definition. What Wikipedia will tell us about this.

Motivation — motivation to action; dynamic process of the psycho physiological plan, managing behavior of the person defining its orientation, organization, activity and stability; ability of the person to satisfy the requirements actively.

In simple words, motivation is the creation of conditions that influence human behavior.
Here are some more definitions of “what is motivation”.

Motivation is a mechanism for doing things you don’t like at all.

For example, many did not want to go to school. Do some homework all the time, get good grades. And every time our parents resorted to motivation. If you finish a quarter with fives, we’ll buy you a computer. And computer like everyone) … and then the motivation began to work wonders) the Child became an excellent student.

Motivation is something like recharging with energy, which involves leaving the comfort zone and getting rid of laziness.

Laziness is protest
Laziness is a saboteur

Remember your morning. I do not want to get up, still half an hour to sleep. I put motivational music on the alarm clock to fight this thing. Lifts off the bed just so) And in the morning many do not douche because I don’t know about its health benefits. A healthy body is Oh what a motivation!

In order to keep your blog, too, because you need motivation. This is not as easy as it seems at first glance)…

First! When blogging you need to upload new material every week (at least 2 articles per week), and for this you need to discipline yourself.

Second! When I write an article, I concentrate on one thing, i.e. develop concentration.

Third! When looking for new material, I learn a lot, i.e. expand my knowledge.

Fourth! I want to share useful information that would help you in your personal growth.

The best motivation always comes from within! Michael Johnson

process of motivation
good choice

The whole process of motivation is based on human needs. And we have Oh how many. On the basis of this need is determined by goal, under achieving which, we must satisfy our need.

As long as there’s a need, you’ll feel uncomfortable.

And here you come to the aid of the motivational process, which includes:

1. Identification and assessment of unmet needs;
2. Setting goals to meet needs;
3. A plan of action to meet the needs.

The concept of motivation
is something that is very difficult to live without

Consider an example.

For example, you don’t like your body. I want less fat on my stomach and more muscle. So you have a need for a beautiful body. Based on this, you set yourself a goal — to go to the gym. And plan a plan of action-make a plan of training, nutrition and rest.

What does "motivate"mean?
this is the same ” then»

But on the way to meet the needs is always very difficult! And many go out of the way, not reaching the finish line) Here and helps our favorite motivation.

Therefore, the purpose of motivation is to overcome the difficulties and laziness to maintain interest on the way to achieve any goal and meet the needs.

How does motivation help?

The force that influences motivation is desire
Any work or experience, suffering and pain are all sources of motivation

So what conclusion can be drawn? Motivation helps us not to stand still, but to move forward. If you want to achieve success in life in General or in any particular area, you need to learn how to motivate yourself.

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