What is success

What is success in my understanding?

What do you think success is? Have you ever asked yourself that question? I think you’ve heard about successful people many times. But how can their success be measured?

Around a lot of those who already have success, and a lot of those who want to have it! I think you are, too.

What is success for many?

In General, the concept of success is very multifaceted. Everyone puts his own meaning. For some it is money, for others it is a happy family, for others-peace of mind.

Being successful
achievement of desired

If you want to become successful, then take someone else’s “success pattern” is not worth it. No need to go “foreign” road, find your own. To do this, do the following.

Take a pen, a piece of paper and quickly (nezadumyvayas) write 10 definitions of success. Then start striking out what you think is most inappropriate. The result will be one definition. This will be the true definition of your success.

attaining wealth
describes a prosperous person

Your future life will depend on how you understand your success.

What is success for me?
At the time, I also answered the question, what is success?

Success is the achievement of a goal.

success for me
achievement of a goal

Whatever the purpose, big or small. And in whatever sphere of life I have not reached it. This is my personal understanding of success!

Think, whether it is possible to consider the person successful if he didn’t carry out any desire, didn’t finish any begun business, didn’t achieve in life anything of what planned? Of course not.

Most of all I like the definition of succeed from Brian Tracy.

Success is the ability to live life the way you want, doing what brings the most pleasure, surrounded by people you respect and admire.

the ability to fulfill desires

In a broader sense, succeed is the ability to fulfill desires, hopes and aspirations in each area of your life. Brian Tracy. Habits for millions of dollars

In other words, succeed is the achievement of the optimal method of organizing your life, both in personal and business terms.

What is success?

Oddly enough, but the concept of can be classified.

1.Final or intermediate.

When you achieve a great goal, which was a long time, you can consider such a succeed final. For example, you have reached a financial goal and now earn$ 1,000,000 a year.

The way to the big goal you break into smaller goals. From the achievement can be considered an intermediate. For example, you began to earn$ 3,000 a month.

Final or intermediate
can be considered an intermediate

2.Personal and public.

Personal succeed is when you learn how to create and maintain a blog. And social is when your blog is read by a large number of people and it will have a large attendance.

3. Partial or complete.

Partial succeed is when you have achieved great heights in a certain area of life: health(sport), relationships, money or self-realization.

For example, you starred in a film that brought you fame and received an award at the film festival. It will be a partial success, you self-realized, you are a successful actor.

And when a person reaches great heights in all areas, it is a complete succeed. Such people are called successful. They are all perfectly healthy, they have a wonderful family, they are financially free and do what they love.

It is this succeed that everyone should strive for.

Success is a science, if you have the conditions, you will get the result. Oscar Wilde

Set goals (conditions) according to your definition of success and achieve (fulfill) them…

complete success
It is this that everyone should strive for

Therefore, we can conclude that success plays a very important role in our lives. And is important for everyone. I wish you to be a Successful person with a capital letter…

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