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Where to start self-development? Step by step guide for beginners!

Where to start self — development is a very common question that people ask themselves, who decided to change their lives.

You will agree with me that success in life is a very long and hard work. It necessarily involves development and, to a greater extent, even self-development. If you’re ready for this, I’ll tell you where to start.

On the Internet, a large number of tips on where to start self-development. What here only you do not read.

Someone says that we need first to quit, someone says start to watch motivating movies, and some goals. All these tips are to some extent correct, but are only part of a certain mosaic that you want to see.

Next, I will offer you 5 simple, but very effective steps that once helped me.

Step 1. I need to start developing myself.

meaningful personal development
exiting the comfort zone

Self — development is a meaningful development of personality. And before you start this process, you need to clearly determine whether you need it or not. At this stage, do not think about what and how it will be.

Of course, you need to understand that this involves a lot of work on yourself, a constant exit from the comfort zone, the study of the new, but you just have to say to yourself: “Yes, I want to self-develop.” This will be your first step towards self-development.

Step 2. What is the reason for the desire to self-develop?

Desire to start self-development
engage in self-improvement

The desire to start self — development is just a consequence of some reason. Remembering myself, the time when I decided to do self-improvement and personal growth, I just had a feeling of discontent.

Something didn’t suit me in myself, in an environment, and in life in General. And this discontent was so strong that pushed to be engaged in self-development.

At the second stage, you will need to answer the question: “What am I dissatisfied with?”. I need opredelit that suits you, you have to be to work with. This will be a kind of starting point in self-development.

Step 3. What are my needs?

ideal life

At this stage, you have to start from your discontent with the help of imagination to draw your ideal life, which would suit you. This will be the end point to which you will go.

Ask yourself: “What do I want from life?”. Let it be not very specific, figuratively. But you already start to think will launch the mechanisms for the implementation of their desires into the Universe.

Step 4. Drawing up a self-development plan.

the way of self-development
3 components of self-development

Any development involves 3 components. This is point A, where you are now, this will be your starting point. Point B is your perfect life, perfect Me, this is where you’ll end up. And the way of self-development.

Point a –> personal development/Your path –> Point B

Having made steps 2 and 3, points A and B you already outlined. It remains to determine the plan on the basis of which will pass your way. To do this, you will help a very effective exercise “Wheel of Life”. The point is that you will evaluate each area of your life and set specific goals.

Step 5. Know thyself!

understand itself
know yourself

In order for the path to be more effective, it is necessary to understand yourself a little, so to speak, to engage in introspection or self-knowledge. It is necessary to find out its positive and negative features. They can be very powerful friends to you. With them, you can start to effectively self-develop.

The one who does not know himself and his opponent, will fight 100 times and 100 times will lose. Well, the one who knows himself, but does not know the opponent, will fight 100 times and in 50 cases will win. Who knows himself and his opponent will fight 100 times and win 100 times.. Sun Tzu

Simply act
how to start effective self-development?


If you ask yourself the question: “where to start self-development?”then take these 5 simple steps into service. They will definitely help you. And then I think you know what to do. Just act!

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